Women Talk | Stradivarius Women’s Day 2018 – extended version –

I’m Sandra,
I’m from Belarus. -I’m Tahita. -I’m Ana. I’m Andrea. I’ve been backpacking alone
for two and a half years. I’m in Barcelona on an exchange for
my masters on violence against women. I used to work
in a refugee camp in Sweden. I lived with the people
for 2 and half years. I discovered triathlons 2 years ago
I compete. We got to know each other by cooking together. I’m the sous chef
because she has the talent. I do all the cutting and preparation and
she actually makes the stuff. What I learned from them was that they needed to realise
what kind of power they can have. And I was glad to be there to tell them. It’s a strange thing but for me being in
a hospital is one of the best feelings ever because everyone has a story and I’m
there to help or to be friends with them. It’s why I like healthcare so much. When I was a child I used to direct and shoot movies of my neighbours. When I was younger I always
thought I could be anything I wanted. My job in this world and in this life is to make sure that
I try to catch my dreams and my dream is to help
other people catch their dreams. Whenever I played dolls or played mum
I always saw myself having a profession. I wanted to be a mum and vet,
mum and doctor, mum and teacher. My grandma is in her 80s and she’s still working, travelling and doing what she wants. Mum’s a teacher and she’s super serious
about her work, which is great. And my sister studied astrophysics,
which is crazy difficult they’re all really working at it
putting in a lot of effort. I love responsibilities,
I feel much freer. No one in my sector believes that you
can be the one bringing home the bread. In the world of architects
the majority are men. Now women have to come in strong. I’ve grown so much in
discovering what my passion is what I really want
and am really good at. They brought us up with equality, that we didn’t have to do something
because of our gender. Truly we’ve never seen
a difference between us. Here you live in another kind
of society with different values. Values are different when you’re in
Morocco or when you’re at home. In the end you don’t know
where you’re a citizen of. Trying to let someone know what they
are capable of, that makes me happy. Especially as a woman that comes from a country where she thinks
she can’t do whatever she wants and I get so sad when I see that
they don’t believe in themselves. Although there’s a lot of multiculturalism
in our generation, right? We can create our own culture with
different people, everyone together. Good idea! I loved to see the drive in those women. They didn’t have much
but they gave me everything. When you come from a hard place
it was beautiful to see that she is still giving so much. I admire many anonymous people
and anonymous women. Who do things, who’ve suffered but
always forge ahead with a smile. I think without my mom I wouldn’t be who
I am today because she’s so confident. She always taught us that nothing
was impossible, whether you’re a boy or girl. You can do anything. The people in my life are
very important to who I am today. My lifelong friends are my treasure. I look after them and they look after me. My friends encourage me
to be a woman every day. To always stand up
and dare to speak up. One of my friends from university is who
inspires me most. She’s in France doing Erasmus,
she’s called Laura. She’s very hard working
and she’s taught me a lot. She’s helped me a lot
learning Spanish and with classes. My inspiration from famous women
is Ashley Graham because she’s a plus size model
and a body activist. I really like her because
she encourages women to feel confident in their own body, whatever size they are
and to accept how they are. I used to be insecure
about my body a few years back and she really changed my perspective, on how I should be
confident in my own body. Michelle Obama is a great person,
the world needs more people like her. For society to get to where
I think it should be. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley couldn’t
have done anything without Hermione. I admire women who are true
to what they think and feel. Who are free without
fear of what people may say. We need to assert ourselves
so we are all equal and we all count. Us women have a lot of power. A lot of internal power
and an unbeatable energy. I feel all women should come out
as a force, united as one. Not only on International Women’s Day, every woman should feel
that every day is her day and gets to live her own life
the way she wants. We are still fighting everyday. We need to remind each other, women are having a better time today
than we had 10 or 20 years ago. It’s better every year. But we need to remember. That’s why this day is perfect. Today’s power woman is a combination
of all the girls who have struggled who’ve proved something
and worked hard so that we can be here today, talking about this.

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