Workout #1

Okay, hi, everyone. My name is Laura, and I am the founder, president, and head coach at Underdogs Boxing Club, a local
nonprofit that is being impacted, unfortunately, by the necessary closures
due to COVID-19. The workout that I’m posting for right now has five elements:
mountain climbers, individual punches for your 1, 2, 3, 4, and I’ll explain
that momentarily, 10 squat to sit, 50 1, 2, 1, 2; and 20 Russian twists. So, we’re just going to record the whole video and then
I’m going to post instructions for how many times you should be doing this
particular workout. So, for 50 mountain climbers, you’re down on the floor in
plank position, and you’re going to bring your knees in as fast as you can. And then you’re back on your feet. You’re
going to throw 50 jabs. I’m going to do 25 as an orthodox boxer and 25 as a
southpaw. Now, 25 as a southpaw. Back to orthodox for that big right hand.
25 of them this way. And now as a southpaw. Back to orthodox for my left hook. Southpaw, same thing, 25 of them. And back to orthodox for the uppercut, and if you’re a southpaw, you’re throwing
the uppercut this way. For each of these videos, if you’re orthodox, throw all of
the punches as an orthodox or right-handed boxer. If you’re southpaw, throw all of the punches as a southpaw or left-handed boxer. The next thing you’re
going to do after all of those punches, I want you to squat to sit. This will,
hopefully, also help ensure that you have the correct form for this. You’re going
to do ten of these. So, you’re a couple inches from the chair as far as your
feet go. Feet are about hip-width apart, turn the toes out the tiniest bit, and
squat to sit. Keep your back up as straight as you can. Okay, and that’s ten squat to sit. Now,
you’re going to throw your 1, 2, 1, 2, which is your jab and your cross.
I’m going to throw – you should be throwing 50 total, again if you’re orthodox
or right-handed, throw 50 as an orthodox or right-handed boxer. If you’re southpaw,
throw 50 as a southpaw or left-handed boxer. I’m going to do 25 of each. Hopefully, that was 25, I lost count at one point. And, now, 25 as a southpaw. Remember, I am NOT a
southpaw boxer, these are a little sloppier than my orthodox. And then to finish up this one, 20 Russian
twists. You’re on the floor if you can do this with your legs up, great. If you need
to put your heels on the floor, just so you have a balance point, you can also do
that. You’re going to make sure when you twist, you actually twist. So, I don’t want
this, where you’re just moving your arms. You want this. I’m going to keep my heels
on the floor for a balance point for this. Clearly struggling with the balance
right now. And that’s this workout. I will post – when
I post the video – how many times I think you should go through this workout. Thank you

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