Workout #3

Hi, everyone. My name is Laura, and I am the founder, president, and head coach at Underdogs Boxing Club. As you know by now, it is a very small, entirely volunteer-run nonprofit organization
that is impacted by the very necessary closures for COVID-19 to prevent, reduce
really the spread of it in the Niagara community. Unfortunately, our landlord still wants the rent, so if you feel like picking up
a membership right now, I’ll be posting the details for what those membership
prices are and new memberships will start April 6th or later if we get
pushed further into the social distancing. Existing members will have
their memberships extended by the appropriate amount of time. Anyway,
the workout for this particular video includes five elements. We’ve got jumping
jacks x 50; fast 1, 2s x 50; 50 each of your 1, 2, 3, 4 – 1 is your jab; 2 is your straight or your cross; 3 is your hook; 4 is your
uppercut – 20 reverse lunges; and 50 fast uppercuts. So, I’m going to start
with 50 jumping jacks, okay. So, you’re just, you’re standing. If the bouncing is
not good for your knees or your back, you literally can and then switch sides.
Again, no idea how many I’ve done here, because I have not been counting, do a
few more. 50 jumping jacks. Again, that was less than 50. Make sure you do 50. Um, 50 fast 1, 2s. Anytime you’re doing
something that is like a fast whatever that I’ve put in the video, don’t worry
about your form. It’s really about speed and maintaining that speed as you go. I’m
gonna do 50 fast 1, 2s total; 25 as orthodox; 25 as southpaw.
You’re gonna do them whichever way you normally box. If you are a right-handed
boxer, do them orthodox. If you’re left-handed boxer, do all of them as a
southpaw, okay. As a southpaw, see even I get my left and my right confused, it happens
to all of us. You can see I’m not worried too much about form, I’m just throwing
this 1, 2 as quickly as I can and trying to count them as I go, so far I’m
failing at all of the counting that I’ve done for these videos. After your 50 1, 2s, which I’ll be clear, is a total of 100 punches, okay. So, a 1, 2 – that’s one – okay. 50 each of your 1, 2, 3, 4. For the purposes of the length of
this video, I’m going to do 10 of each. You will do 50. And I’m going to do 5
southpaw, sorry, 5 orthodox; 5 southpaw, okay. So, your jab as an orthodox; your jab
as a southpaw; your straight/cross/right hand, whatever you want to call it as an
orthodox; as a southpaw. Your hook as an orthodox. Don’t forget to
bring that hand back up to your face in between, so I don’t want this, okay. Your
hook as a southpaw. Uppercut as orthodox, right uppercut. If you’re brand new to
Underdogs, don’t be surprised if you punch yourself in the face, at some point, with your uppercut everybody does it. Your left uppercut if you’re southpaw. You’re gonna do 50 of each of those. 50
jabs; 50 straight or crosses; 50 hooks; 50 uppercuts. 20 reverse lunges.
Reverse lunges are a little easier on people’s knees than the forward lunge, okay, so, you’re standing, feet are about hip-width apart, you’re gonna take a big
step back, this knee does not travel past your toe. You’re going to do twenty total. 10 on one side, 10 on the other. If you would like to alternate, that’s entirely up to
you. Okay, so you can step back here to alternate or like I said you do 10 on one side, 10 on the other. And the final piece for this workout: 50 fast uppercuts, a total of 50, so it’s 25 a side. Again, form doesn’t matter so much. I’m going to
do a bunch as orthodox and then a bunch as southpaw, so – again – orthodox stance, left leg forward, right leg back, and my uppercuts, I’m doing both of them as fast
as I can. If I do it as a southpaw. The biggest thing, don’t forget to breathe
when you’re punching. You’ll hear me in all of these videos breathing,
I feel like quite loudly. I exhale every time I throw a punch. So, two things
happen. First of all, you don’t forget to breathe if you’re making the point to
exhale on every punch. Second, it actually tightens up your abs. If you were in the
ring with an opponent, you want those abs tight so that if you took a punch to the
body, you’ve got a little extra sort of support for your abs there. That’s the
workout for this video and, again, I will post how many times you should go
through this routine. Thanks

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