Workout Motivation from Freeletics – Ares

Every workout has its story Ares The god of war Always looking for his next opponent Unleash your potential Speed up Not one But five rounds One minute to prepare yourself For the next round Freeletics No excuses

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  1. Time to start your journey now ▻▻▻ What is your Ares PB? 

    Every workout has it's story. This is Ares. Named after the God of war, you are his next opponent. So focus. Keep up the speed. Make every step you take faster than the last. And rest only for a minute. Prepare to step up to the challenge and claim your victory.

  2. Where's the theme music from?

    I started today with my first freeletic session in between a 4k run.

    Another one tomorrow. So addictive!!!

  3. what is name of person doing this where can i find his profile??Can i know how long in months, does it take to reach this level of fitness?

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