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[ ♪ upbeat music ♪ ] So no doubt within the ethos of our social media culture do we love talking about body shaming and dad bods and obesity and of all that. Bottom line is that body types come in all different shapes and sizes dependent on things like genetic and epigenetic factors. And body shaming someone is not a positive way to convince them to start exercising. ♪ And there’s plenty of evidence, scientific evidence, backing that positive mental health, aka our happiness, is correlated with positive physical health. I believe we are healthier and happier with exercise so I’m going to show you five simple exercises that I do outdoors to stay fit. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] [ ♪ cheery electric music ♪ ] Hey what’s up? I’m Koaw and this is Casual Outdoors Weekly where we go over an outdoors activity for you to do for the benefit of your health and happiness. We also knock up our nature-smarts a bit, all under six minutes so I hope to see you next week. This week’s Casual Outdoors Activity is to Workout Outdoors. ♪ Now I don’t exercise and stay in shape to stare at myself in the mirror or to attract women. I would have fixed these ugly teeth that’ve gone through three decades of team sports and youthful brawls and coffee stains if I was that caught up in my appearances. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about my self-image. I exercise ‘cause I need to stay mentally healthy and be able to interact in this wonderful world that we live in. And I really don’t like going to gyms: It’s crowded. You have to wait for equipment. There are weird odors— Eww! [ giggles ] and people making loud grunting noises. [ comical grunting noises ] Going outside doesn’t cost ya a gym membership fee and you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it and also get the perks that the outdoors offers to ya. I’m going to show you these five different exercises that I do outdoors every week. These can be done at different levels of difficulty so always start small and comfortably. It just takes a little bit of willpower to get out there and get it done. Walking, hiking and jogging outdoors. It explains itself— but try to get off those paved pathways when you can! By getting on a non-flat surface you start engaging so many more muscles. You’ll get a better workout, a better walk, a better hike, a better run. The pushup – This is a staple of any workout. Just stop along your walk or run and do whatever you can, whatever’s comfortable – —even if you have to start with knee pushups. Most people don’t realize there are many different ways to do pushups. Just move your hands’ positioning around or integrate other movements to work different muscle groups. ♪ Squats – Squats will make your butt nice and strong. Keep a straight and firm back. And if you’re ready, don’t be afraid to find a log or a stone to make it a bit harder. Pull-ups and chin-ups – A pullup bar at the park or a strong tree branch isn’t too hard to find. Just test the tree branch first with caution so you don’t hurt the tree or yourself. Pullups have your palms facing away from you and chin-ups have your hands facing towards you. And if you can’t yet do a pullup holding all of your weight, just find a low hanging perch and use your legs to support some of your body’s weight, letting your arm and back muscles do whatever they can and you can work up to doing a chin-up or pull-up. Muscle ups are reserved for the bit more determined outdoors exerciser. Ab leg lifts— I prefer these to standard crunches. You can either lift your legs up and down, not touching the ground, or hold them as long as you can above the ground and even add some movement. [ birds chirping ] So this was an Easy Breezy level difficulty although you could do it at adventurous. And it was a free activity, so that’s great. So nature is nifty indeed! [plants rustling] A fairly recent study found that happier people are active people and they found this in such a cool way! They collected data from more than 10,000 subjects using their smartphones. The study measured their subjects’ activities during the day by way of tapping into the smartphone’s accelerometer and also by asking survey questions at two random intervals during the day that asked about mood and life satisfaction, as well as user-initiated surveys. The study indeed found that physical activity was positively correlated to happiness. And it isn’t just exercise that correlates to this happiness. It’s people who are moving around more, people who were getting up more at work, like standing up! You know? Like getting around except I probably shouldn’t do that ‘cause I’m trying to talk to you. Basically: Move more and you can be happier. Alright! Dealer’s Choice: So no one got the riddle right from last week. I’m that up until someone guesses it correctly. Also if you have tips for exercises that other people can do or I can try out, post it below in the comments. I’d appreciate it and I’m sure other people would too. Spread some knowledge. Be Nature-heroic! I’ll see you next week.

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  1. Enjoyed the new film techniques. Especially the push-up shot where you overlapped with yourself. Here’s a challenge: how can those of us with disabilities or who are aged make better use of the outdoors?

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