Workout Plan for Skinny Guys / Hardgainers (THIS BUILDS MUSCLE!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, I’m talking to the skinny guys today. Now
don’t worry, it’s going to be helpful for all, but I’m going to get inside the minds
of the skinny guys because I know what the hell you’re thinking. I’ve been one and I
know how to get you a lot bigger than you are right now because I know the things that
you should be focusing on. Today I’m going to tell you exactly what to
focus on in your workouts if you don’t want to be skinny anymore. The first thing I’m
going to tell you to do – shocker – is get your ass to the gym. Now, it’s not about
telling you to start working out. You already know that. You’re probably already doing that.
I’m saying get yourself to the gym. Face your fears. Remember I said I was going
to get in your head? I know what you’re thinking. You’re maybe a little nervous to go to the
gym because you’re afraid of the ridicule being the skinny guy. You look around, you
see all these guys lifting heavy weights, grunting, groaning, intimidating. You’re sitting
there holding 20lb dumbbells in your hand thinking you’re not going to measure up to
them. You know what, guys? Screw that and screw
them because anybody at the gym that would ridicule you for the weights that you’re lifting
has no bearing on you. It doesn’t even deserve your concern because that’s a dick. Nobody
who’s been where you’ve been at – all of us have started somewhere and most guys in
the gym are going to respect your pursuit. They’re going to respect the fact that you’re
there despite how thin you might be, doing what you need to do to change that. I can
tell you that right away, that 99% of the guys that you maybe think are intimidating
are probably respecting the shit out of you because they know what you’re been through.
If they’ve been there themselves they know more than that. The idea is, make yourself accountable and
face your fears. Unless you have to work out at home for a particular reason then get there.
I’m telling you, you’re going to find more out of getting there because facing your fears
in just that one move of arriving at the gym is going to set the stage for everything else.
Now, when you’re there, the most important thing to do is simplify. Find one exercise per major muscle group to
focus on. What am I talking about? Well, major muscle groups are your chest, your back, your
shoulders, your legs, and your arms – your biceps and triceps. Obviously your core is
thrown in there as well, but we’re not going to worry about that so much. We’re trying
to build as much muscle as we can. So of those six major muscle groups, pick one exercise. I’ll give you a head start. I think you should
focus on a bench press. Not necessarily with dumbbells because you might not have the coordination
yet to handle the independent dumbbells, but use a bar. Do a bent over row for your back.
Do a squat for your legs. If you can’t do a squat because you’ve either got knee problems,
or back problems, then maybe try a dead lift. I personally prefer dead lifts more than I
prefer squats for my particular case for my knees. Do an overhead press. Do a barbell
curl and do a lined tricep extension, okay? These are exercises that have two things in
common. One: they’re compound. They usually involve multiple joints. We want to start
trying to build your coordination on these movements and allow you to become stronger,
allowing different muscles to work together. The second thing is, they allow you to eventually
overload. So let’s just look at a case of the arms. A barbell curl is always going to
be the heaviest bicep exercises that you will ultimately be able to do. You’re not going
to be able to do more on a concentration curl than you are in a barbell curl. So I want
you to focus on those bigger exercises, okay? Now, how are we going to break them up? I
want you to start by simplifying again. I know that people will probably tell you
to start doing total body workouts because that’s the best way for a hard gainer to build
and – no. What I’d rather you do is actually conserve your energy towards those movement
patterns on particular days. So, break it down into, again, movement patterns. Pushing,
pulling, and legs. You do those once a week; each one, once a week. Now, what are we looking
to do? You’re looking to groove those movement patterns,
first and foremost. Guess what’s going to happen? That uncomfortable feeling of going
to the gym might get a little bit more uncomfortable temporarily because you might have to back
down the weights that you’re using. So on an overhead press start with the bar if that’s
all you can handle. What you’re trying to do is learn the movement pattern. Groove that
pattern. With a bent over row – what good is doing
a bent over row if you’re doing it like this? I see so many skinny guys and young guys that
are in the gym trying to do it. It doesn’t even have to be young. It could just be beginners. You might just be starting to work out at
45 years old, but you don’t want to be doing it out of this position because what you’re
doing is you’re not only not growing as much as you can because you’re not optimally stimulating
the muscles that you’re trying to work, but you’re setting up bad patterns to just carry
over into more shit workouts down the road. So, lighten the bar and learn the technique.
Once you’ve got the technique on those exercises then the fun comes in. now what you start
doing is you start adding weight to the bar. When you add weight to the bar you have to
ensure that you can still nail the same control of that movement as you did when you were
just starting out. If you can, you add more weight. If you can again, you add more weight. This might happen really fast for some guys
because you’re going to build up that neurological strength a lot faster. For others it may take
a little bit of time, but as you continue to add that weight to the bar and you continue
to master the command of the movement, you’re going to see things changing, I guarantee
you. When it does, you can start to add a second exercise from each muscle group. Again, try to think big, but think just one
step down from where you were. So maybe you add a lat pulldown, or a pullup if you’re
training at home for your back. Maybe you add a lunge, a great, single, unilateral exercise
for your legs. A more athletic exercise – you can add it to your squat, or your deadlift.
Maybe you add a push down – a weighted push down – for your triceps to add to that tricep
extension. The idea is, you still want to do the last
thing I’m going to tell you here and that’s push every single time. Don’t leave anything
on the table. If you’re comfortable with that weight – in other words, you’re in command
of the weight – then make yourself uncomfortable. It goes back to the video I did a few weeks
ago. Make yourself comfortable being uncomfortable. If you have the movement pattern down, you
know how to command that weight, then make yourself uncomfortable. If you push yourself
to the limit each and every time, skinny guys start finding that they’re not so skinny anymore.
There’s a whole other component here of diet and nutrition. We’ve talked about that in
other videos and I can cover that in a future video if you want me to, but when it comes
to training that should be your game plan each and every time and I promise you, you
will not be skinny for that much longer, all right? Push at every opportunity. Don’t let those
guys pull you down and make sure you have a game plan in place and hopefully this video
has given you just that. Also, I hope it’s given you maybe a little bit of inspiration
from a guy that used to be in your position, in your shoes, that faced all the same fears.
Now we’re going to conquer all those one by one. All right, guys! If you’ve found this
video helpful make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below. If you’re looking for a plan that lays the
foundation and does what I just told you and helps you to start getting the confidence
as you crush exercise after exercise leave your comments and thumbs up below. If you’re
looking for a plan that lays the foundation and does what I just told you and helps you
to start getting the confidence as you crush exercise after exercise, building upon one
workout at a time, then head to and get our ATHLEANX training system. In the meantime, I’ll be back here in just
a couple days to give you more of what you guys want to see. Leave your comments below
and I’ll make those videos for you. I’ll see you later.

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