[Music] hey guys and welcome to my next vlog you see I’m still on my good camera right now but that will change all the switch back to my phone I’m getting a new camera probably next or this weekend and then my block quality in general will be better but anyway I just had a singing lesson I was given a single lesson for another actress that’s what I do sometimes and I just cooked ate and now I’m going to workout with Chris and look at this yeah it’s my three specific couple stairs and I’m out of breath while talking that’s wheel fitness here I got this new smile box dude a gift from flying over that’s really nice of him it’s really awesome I finally don’t look like a hobo when I go to the gym because that’s really usually the case I usually don’t wear white because white doesn’t really fit me I believe but I really really like those clothes matter hugs I’m not saying that because I’m friends with him um daughter yeah see this great stuff okay friends back to the bad camera like I said on when I get into camera – oh my god as well okay I have two super hurry up because I’m already late sorry Chris because I had to block for you this shitty car here no light in here so yeah I forgot go to LA Fitness so Chris doesn’t have to wait too long [Music] hey guys that’s what you do 90% of the time in Los Angeles be stuck in traffic the problem is 95% of people here just can’t because Toby the old logging on their phones got it right then I finally okay we’re in the gym now I totally forgot because I was logging on on Chris’s phone and Chris camera I totally forgot that I didn’t say hello on my camera since we’re double vlogging and with the look at this guy you know the subject book Halloweeny I’m sorry most of you are probably watching his washers so just watch both at the same time a support system oh no those is a living how does the Sun in English the poor is the borders no more murders go go like the four classic support is no more [Music] we’re doing back today and the gym always at that time 6 p.m. 7 p.m. super tech so like and possible to find any good machines or barbells or whatever so we’re providing here right now hitting the wide back right now and then we’ll do something [Music] it’s too crowded so the older spotty district is first you have to get the pump you have to wear selectors and now that you totally have a pump now we can open this and then as a couple okay [Music] okay guys the workout is done back bicep or the good quick workout yeah exactly we’re pretty creative it goes up at 6 p.m. 7 p.m. you can work out here traffic is always bed at their time and working out the worst – anyway that’s it I’m going to go home now because I’m hungry slop in Disgaea – please – and I have to say – you probably already subscribed to this guy because there’s probably episode followers but if you haven’t do it exactly and again check out Instagram and all this stuff you know it’s all in the description – no I’ll write a few at home I think if I have to film an audition and then you can look I could look [Music] [Music] so in the United States every year you have to renew your registration for your car which is comes with a mail and it’s simply a sticker and you put on your car [Music] [Music] you [Music] okay that you just saw my way to my acting class during their exploit degrees and then building their the Taylor’s could’ve ended – with that’s – like a turbine to the best teacher and reward with just want to give you this demonstration now I’m back at a great class and now I’m filming an audition and musicologist egg rice camera for the reader chair [Music] because sometimes when you have auditions you don’t have to go to the casting office anymore Egypt person at home if you only have a phone you record them in your home if you’re lucky and happy this camera here accordance with camera business sentiment tomorrow I’ll go to that area where the Oscars over we didn’t want to do this summit obviously I’m not invited to be there but I can show you how it looks like they’re blocking off the whole Rose for a one mile or two miles you’re not allowed to go there on Sunday so I was over tomorrow and summative to show you how to install Instagram and I have the links down there and subscribe in YouTube prescribed to Chris and understand and I’ll see you next time how did they date thank you you can be a big fish in a small pond as of you could be a great actor successful actor in Germany but now that I wasn’t no Daniel and I seem the big pond I’ve seen the ocean how could I ever go back to the small pond even if I’m just a medium fish in a big pond okay now that’s very weird but even if I’m just a medium fish in the ocean that’s still better for me but I’m trying to get the biggest fish I can be well this metaphor that merely out a hat

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  1. Deine Vlogs werden jedes mal besser und man sieht, dass du da mit viel Verstand ran gehst. Ich fände es cool, wenn du vielleicht Trainings Videos machen könntest in denen du bestimmte Muskelgruppen trainierst bzw die Ausführung zeigst und dann ein paar Tipps gibst. Du scheinst ja viel darüber zu wissen und ich mag die Art, wie du das ganze rüber bringst. 🙂

  2. ay awesome vlogs bro ! : ) i am likly the feel of these vlogs : ) keep the uploads rolling 🙂 much support, i liked and subbed. hope this isn't nagging but mind checkin out my channel ? keep up the good awesome content 🙂

  3. dafür das es erst dein Dritter Blog ist(Mal abgesehen von den anderen Videos) sind die echt super gefilmt und geschnitten.bin froh das ich so früh angefangen habe alle deine Videos zu gucken.👌

  4. Kämpf ,ich gerade mal von vorn nach hinten durch deine Vlogs 😀 der Preis für die beste Hintergrundmusik geht eindeutig an Aramis Merlin. Unfassbar :-D. Super Typ

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