100 Replies to “WORST Back Stretch EVER. Stop This Today! Can Cause Back Pain & Sciatica. Do This Instead. (Updated)”

  1. I love that I keep learning how to stretch my back different ways and I got hurt almost 22 years ago. Thanks for info!

  2. Thanks guys . Also, the laying on the back knees to chest is the best position to cough hard when the lower back is in spasm!

  3. I touch my toes and do that sitting stretch everyday multiple times a day 😢
    And I also do all those good ones everyday so I guess I wont break lol

  4. You guys should do a video with your suggestions and opinions on common yoga poses!! I’m a yogi and I don’t want to put stress on my joints that might hurt me on the long run

  5. 3:47 The low back is flat but it doesn't matter… The L5 is flexed if you bring your knees toward your chest.
    7:05 I'm dead laughing.

  6. Really great videos, I always learn so much for my neck/back/shoulder issues! The one question I always have is how best to support my neck when doing stretches/strengthening while lying on my back? Should a pillow ever be used to support the neck while you’re doing these exercises? Or any exercise while on your back? Thanks!

  7. That's amazing that the seated stretch with the ball helped Brad's wife's carpal tunnel syndrome!! Thank you! And it's something one can do if using a wheelchair!

  8. My NEUROLOGIST told me to do these two stretches. I didn't like her demeanor, attitude, coldness or lack of compassion & never went back. Ironically, her name is Dr. Love. Ugh.

  9. Great professional advice!!!Yes, I was going to yoga weekly and doing forward folds. Back pain was getting worse and then I woke up with a herniated disc at L5-S1 compressing the sciatic nerve. Had a microdiscectomy that wasn’t so micro. I’ve learned my lesson

  10. B&B, sorry to be the grammar police but it hurts my heart every time one of you says “lay on your back.” It’s lie, not lay.

  11. These people know what the fuck they talking about. I get so much pain and always dontge stupid stretches and get mad when im in pain more…especially my right pelvic area…😢

  12. you guys are the best!!! thanks for all the tips! also pretty horrified that every PE teacher made us do those stretches 😂

  13. I have seen many physical trainers at my local gym (and other gyms) promote these stretches – no surprise that lots of people develop back problems!!!

  14. What if you lie on your back, with the small of your back FLAT; is it good for your abs and core, to hold your legs STRAIGHT out and as LOW off the floor as possible, staying FLAT with the small of your back?

  15. I am following Mckenziés program described in “Treat your own back” and its been really helpful, thanks to you because you mentioned it in one of your videos. My question is, how can i replace excersice 7 because is one of the forbidden ones.

  16. My back pain is in 2 areas lower lumbar where I have 2 bulges and near the last rib on my back …all on the left side…my chiropractor just told me to do these similar stecthecs but they dont help at all..what would be my bext option?Back shots i heard help reduce pain..

  17. The" bad stretches" Bob & Brad showed at the beginning are a pretty easy way to stretch out multiple muscles at the same time and the spinal cord. They also stretch both sides of the M. erector spinae. Bob & Brad don't show any alternatives for this muscle. So it seems to me that you recommend to not stretch the M. erector spinae at all…. is that correct?

  18. Outdated info. Latest systematic review doesn't find a connection with spine flexion and pain. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/31775556/

  19. Oh boy, I've been toe-touch stretching for thirty years. Yoga, martial arts, gym, running.. always with the big bendyness. I've been ignoring sciatic pain these past six years, assuming it was just post birth. Ha! New stretches activate!! Thanks, guys!!!

  20. Any advice on how to do those stretches when fat? I find that my belly gets in the way when pulling my legs up. I can't feel the relief on the back.

  21. I used to do yoga and would do that all the time… I wonder if I should just skip that in yoga… It would be pretty odd as its a stretch we do constantly in the class. Hmm what to do?

  22. Just found an older video from Bob and Brad saying NOT to do the first thing you said to do. https://youtu.be/BDDiv3_fAL4

  23. I used to think PT was for sissies (when I was younger flexible and dumb) I came across your stuff and it's great. With PT I quit back injections and the therapist that helped me rehab my shoulder after surgery was great. So thanks!

  24. That initial bad stretch was the opening of my Kung Fu warmups, which I learned in the 1980s. We did it both straight leg and split wide.

  25. There is an axiom of Yoga that says "A flexible spine is the fountain of youth". I agree. People with linflexible spines tend to be thick waisted, pot bellied, stiff and lacking general gracefulness in their movements.

  26. I've done your "good stretches" for years and had regular lower back pain. My trainer encouraged me to "work on" touching my toes. I couldn't at first, but once I did mange it my back felt like new. So I'm confused.

  27. a lot of stretches depend on how bad the back is, sometimes some stretches can help to loosen some things up some places, but Never do stretches that cause you pain, like when back is misaligned please don't stretch it, that can cause nerve pinching damage.
    I have so good mobility that if I can't put my whole palms at the floor that's unusual for me.
    actually at school they were teaching us to do it, no body could actually do it even close to how I did it, most were not able to do it further than you demonstrated, but yea, I see how doing it the way you are demonstrating here could be dangerous and bad. 1:38  like there, doing so I feel like I am doing something wrong, to my elbows, arms, upper back. it just feels wrong. nto sure how to describe it, kind of stretch self harm, forcing body into a weird move, that can possibly misaligned something.
    I am actually not bending my body like that when doing it.
    The people you see in yoga instructional vids, they can actually manage to do weird stuff, cus they have built up the strength,mobility, balance to do them in a safe way, gradually, little by little.
    I always made sure to not do something that felt wrong if it does it most likely is no matter what a doctor or instructor say, don't let others force you into doing painful things.
    and touching the toes only fingers to the floor only, that feels wrong.
    I actually can feel the I am doing something wrong if I try to do it, I can feel it in my mid back, I only tried to do that, gently did it did not feel right.
    Great you mentioned this one.

    I am no expert just do what I feel is helping me. but not everything will help everyone the same, some things can be dangerous, don't try moves that your body can't handle or is not mobile enough to handle.
    I an active person, I mountainbike, I build up strengthen by dumbbells, I am very move, so I can do all things I want to without too much trouble.
    some times I tough the floor with my palms, it can help to get things in place and loosen me up in the upper parts of my body, but don't do it if it am so bad that I can't move my back or bend forwards.
    sometimes I am so bad I can't do anything in this video. so I use a lot of laying in bed position, and pillow tricks, I used those tips you showed us before I even knew you existed, did so for years.
    I also use some sitting techniques too, all depending on how it's misaligned.
    I don't have lack of movement at all, only things I can't do is the splits, or those folding body stuff you see a freak shows, or on tv. butt I don't have the need to walk on my hands while being upside down folded in half.😃

  28. 1:38 only for mobile ppl, that know what they are doing ,this is clearly wrong. also of course make sure the back is not misaligned, and you actuality have balance to do it.

  29. I fond of yoga for long time, do all these "worst" exersises, 40years old, no pain back, my health is very good. Wish you the same

  30. I used to resist stretching, because I did landscaping for years, and moved nearly every part of my body. I retired from that, and repair bicycles full time now, standing up all day. Now I NEED a stretching regimen every day or I quickly succumb to multiple aches and pains. Through many PT sessions I have learned much of what you are teaching and it has been extremely helpful. Thanks. Keep it up, for those who haven't been through what I have. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Grandma used to say. So very true!👍👍

  31. “The other nice thing is that they were cheap”😂😂😂😂 They sound like the McKenzie brothers!! Idk why this came up in my recommendations but I’m glad, for once, it did. I’ve done one of those stretches every day at work thinking it would help but of course it never did, now I know why. Instant subscriber now!! Smart and funny!!

  32. You are two jokers
    There are more ways to Rome

    First off all
    You are wearing a sneaker that bad for your back i can tell you why
    And. The shoe with the heel
    That also not recommended

    Like I said you are two jokers

  33. I've done the yoga "back streach" sitting and standing my entire life, I'm in my 60's now and haven't had any problems. In yoga you must never exceed your capabilities and, of course, do the exercise properly. These exercises are never done by themselves but in a proper program that provides progression of flexibility and building strenght. I believe telling someone they should never try a certain exercise is wrong, tell them if they try it to make sure they do it right. People must take accountability for their health. Ps… ALL the other exercises and streach you demonstrated are absolutely MANDATORY! ALL OF THEM. Do them all folks, minimum program for back health.

  34. That exercise thighs to abdomen press can make 90percent more fart guys , and it will cause environmental harm as the fart has green house gases . Say no to global warming

  35. So for the abs, 30 setups on an inclined bench is not good? I suggest that what you are proposing should be directed to people who already have herniated discs.

  36. What about the Jefferson curls ? I see it work the same way but used as great back exercise for strength through length ?

  37. I found an exercise for a back stretch want to know what you think.
    You lay on your back on the floor, not the bed.
    Put a rolled up towel under your back directly under your navel.
    Arms over your head on the floor Palm face down, a little over shoulder distence apart links touch
    Legs a little wider than hip distence apart big toes touch.
    Hold this for five minutes.
    Old Chinese exercise.
    So what's your thoughts?

  38. Yoga got rid of my back pain….so i guess i'm one of those people that finds this a little odd, but i'm not an expert so. I used to be so stiff been doing yoga half a year now it's like i have a new spine.

  39. Then show me how one could possibly stretch the entire erector spinae group without forward flexion of the spine. If someone is not able to bend forward, touch their fingertips to the floor, hold for thirty seconds and then raise themselves back up without developing back pain, then they already have a bad back or are extremely weak. You should be able to move and lift your own body comfortably. It is not a good idea to move that way with something in your hands or with weights or to move that way overly-repetitively.

  40. Thanks guys, such great information, most of those terrible stretches I couldn't do, so it's just as well, funny I'd been using a funny padded ball thingy for my back for a over a year now, I just felt it would help and it does, great minds think alike Mr camera man xx

  41. What a bunch of B.S. It's harmful to do the most basic of human functions? So we can't bend over now? Stretching ligaments is bad for you? So I guess gymnasts have the worst joints? So you are saying we should just do these movements as part of our jobs with heavy weights but we can't do them in controlled no weight stretches??

  42. I never realized just how freakishly tall Bob is. Or maybe Brad is only 3' tall, I don't know. Either way, thanks for the great advice!

  43. I am really glad you brought this up Bob Brad. I am into yoga and I see too many people rounding lower back in forward bends, and like u mentioned, it's almost impossible for most people to do these "right" because we do have tight hamstrings. Thank you so much!

  44. Downward Dog and semi downward dog reaching out more. As long as your hinging at the hips? I see some hyper flexible people who can touch their toes with hinging and back straight and put forehead close to shins

  45. 6:00 McKenzie Exercises I ruptured a lower disc in my back before my 30th birthday. This exercise was crucial to me getting back on my feet. I’d say it’s great at reversing long hours of sitting at a computer or on the couch

  46. My Yoga sessions would be incomplete without those 'worst' stretches. Be slow and steady and those stretches would not be a problem.

  47. Have you ever had anything to do with athletes ??
    All athletes do those streches.
    Always warm up before streching. NEVER STRECH FOR A WARM UP! !

  48. What? Get the book the anatomy of stretching by Brad walker. These two stretches are in the book. You should only ever stretch to the point of tension. And it’s important to do complimentary stretches. There’s a lot of information in the book about all of it.

  49. 3:00 or so, yoga is right. Other words, begin and end ALL physical activity with stretching and breathing. Also, study's show touching toes is longevity. Peace

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