Would BAKI Hanma’s Training Work in Real Life?

it’s been a while but this is one I can really sink my teeth into doo doo doo doo that your friendly neighbor Jack’s blade is back with another episode of would that work out where I use my knowledge of personal training and exercise science to analyze whether a fictional characters routine would work they have attempted in real life and today we cover one of my personal favorite characters of all time baki Honma from the series baki the grappler this one was heavily requested and there’s just so much to go through a would that work out for this series and the tough like the tunes have been requested so much to the point where people actually had to wonder if I actually liked Paquita grappler I remember when I first found Bob de Graaff where I was like all those old VHS tapes that you get for Dragon Ball Z and there was this trailer with his rock music and this buff muscle man or as I found out muscle kid who’s just like training and he was like about to go whoop some ass and he’s just fighting all these guys at once and fighting gorillas and there’s this guy who looks like freakin Akuma from a street fighter and I was like what is this show this looks intense I gotta watch this in Marathon it legit me and my boys in high school were obsessed with the training in the show because we were wondering how plausible would be to killer polar bear with your bare hands like the monster yuujirou did to my bro Kyle I am thankful we never went through with that test but the series follows many incredible fighters with various training methods but today we’re primarily going to follow the young baki honma who trained to be the greatest grappler in the world and to be able to face his father in combat yuujiro honma master of multiple martial arts and known as the ogre aka the strongest creature on earth okay of course those two would spank him but Yugi rohana is one bad motherfucker in his own universe at the age of 16 the dude authorised any and all armed military personnel just for fun and as an adult outclasses his former insane strength he killed a massive polar bear with his own hands and many other wild animals as well he made the presidents his bitch and has fun trying to reach them to see if any of their armed guards can stop him from like trying to reach the president and he freely roams around doing whatever he wants because he’s so strong and powerful no one can f with this dude it’s honestly like those moments where Superman decides oh my god and all of you are and y’all can’t force me to do anything but with so much immense strength comes boredom of no one who can match him I mean how can you advance if you aren’t given any opponent he’s a man among children but today we’re not focused on you Jiro honma but our titular character baki Amma who has been training since a moment he could walk to be the best there ever was and his training methods evolved from childhood to his late teen years now bah he had a very privileged life financially at least at the beginning of the series as his mother was incredibly wealthy and could provide the best for him real quick Bucky’s mom was hooking up with this rich guy until yuujiro came in and killed him Rocky’s mom fell in love with you Jiro who told her to bear him a son to make a strong warrior like him she must’ve made a lot of citrus fruits bananas to pull that off anyways they smashed nine months later boggy was born now the reason I’m telling you this is because this woman’s love grew to be obsession over you Jiro so she constantly pushed bossy to be the strongest he could and hired all the best strength coaches all the best martial arts instructors every trainer that she could like think would benefit Bakke and money is no issue since she’s freaking rich so Bakke as a thirteen year old boy was jacked beyond measure now a few weeks ago I made a video called our Gohan’s muscles possible for real kids where I go really in depth about the effects of physical training on the child’s body pre-puberty so if you want the full details be sure to watch that after watching this but I’ll briefly summarize some of that here now if you’re a child with a certified strength coach with you 24/7 and you start weight training at a young age you can actually build a good foundation of strength as many real-life athletes actually have gone on record stating they started training when they were younger to be better at their sports so bodies old school facility training would be incredibly effective for the average person since he was focused on building up all the components of physical fitness building his muscular strength through avid weight training building his cardiovascular endurance through various martial arts running and aerobic drills building his flexibility through martial arts gymnastics and yoga and building his muscular endurance through all of the above and of course training like this for all these years boost his metabolism and gave vastly below average BMI remember like I said that how attainable all your favorite superheros video that being is such a low body fat for long periods of time is actually not good for you it actually is very unhealthy and here’s something I honestly have to say about Bakke that I just can’t say for other shows they take muscles and aesthetics way too far so the ogre demon back is pretty raw I give this what I like to call the Toby test is something I came up with while watching spider-man as a kid and seeing where Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker first gets his powers and wakes up with a buff or muscular body ah but did you like this if I woke up with a body like Goku I’d be happy because he has a great physique if I woke up with a body like Captain America I’d be happy at great physique Jotaro Kenshiro guts well actually not good because I’d be missing an arm point is I’d be happy with the aesthetics if I woke up looking like any of these characters but boppy the grappler characters clothes no no no how like I said I’ve seen many shows where I go honestly I wouldn’t mind having that body but bodies characters God just look gross man like damn okay Wow but from the excessive style of training you see why these dudes look like bodybuilders with level 5 physiques after Bakke challenge in loss to a world champion boxer he found his training wasn’t doing him well so he decided to go train the mountains with his father’s old pier Ando and become stronger there he worked out like a strongman chopping woods climbing trees and doing tons of anime God makers additionally I haven’t mentioned that Bakke strength as a kid was far above world-class athletes when going up the mountain this do carried not only everyday camping supplies but I’m guessing a 50-pound heavy bag and a benchpress set a bench set boy okay okay now let’s do some gym math here and look at this like it’s a standard bench at the gym he’s got to 45 to 35 and 225 on each side of what I’m guessing is a 45 pound bar unless it’s a 25 pound one who is either benching 255 pounds or 235 pounds which is impressive for 13-year old boy who carried all of this up about side oh we are just getting warmed up folks now this is the part of the video that everyone is curious about after being saved from the Yasha 8 by Ando bottie decides he needs to bulk up and find a way to activate his endorphins like every top tier grappler in the series for those who don’t know what endorphins are there is a feel-good chemicals and natural painkillers produced by the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland in your brain and what their job is they are activated during intense exercise when you’re in physical pain when you’re eating something really good like chocolate and also you know when you’re doing the the fun cardio with a special person or go into that special late-night site you know what I mean and endorphins actually have a really cool sibling called in Kaplan’s and what they do is they are also released in the brain and they attach to the nerve cells so when you’re feeling really bad pain this will place the pain you’re feeling with pleasure so it actually puts you in this nice euphoric experience didn’t look hard enough am i the reason I’m bringing this up is because this is a real life occurrence that happens to most top tier athletes when trained to be the best there’s an old saying that says the best part of a run is when you forget you’re running that’s because your pain is being nullified by endorphins so you can keep going there have even been athletes who have injured themselves during a race but kept going because all those endorphins were pumping through them so body’s trained to activate them is actually quite plausible but here’s where stuff gets ridiculous after activating his endorphins Bakke decides to really cross a line by jumping off a cliff to activate his near-death focus and near-death focus is a real phenomenon that happens to folks seconds away from death to help increase their motor skills and reaction time so that they won’t die like clearly being hit by a speeding car and dodging it or barely ducking out the way of a falling piece of rubble it’s actually quite fascinating to look up though I really do not suggest anyone trying to go near-death just so you experience this feeling baki decided to jump backwards off of a cliff to experience the sensation to activate it and since he’s a titular character of course you made it through but would that work in real life okay see these see these things right here they don’t exist these are not exist in real life okay yeah you’re not coming back you did so no don’t try that I’m telling you straight up it’s not going to end well in real life but after he masters those two bodies training really consists of being a super extreme athlete later on he travels the world finding and fighting the greatest martial artists and defeats them he does all sorts of training from weights calisthenics and strongmen he lifts weights religiously pushing his muscles to their absolute limit with the intent of enduring physical pain that he actually collapses from some of these training sessions he practices his martial art skills daily his shadow boxing sessions are so massive that he physically takes damage now while that is fictional shadow boxing using our imagination is one of the funnest pastimes anyone can do while doing shadow boxing to help improve your skills he competes in the tournament where the greatest fighters in the world gather and fights them also he has tons of experience fighting various types of styles and combatants that’s how he was able to come up with a strategy to fight pickle that actually be more of a challenge for Bucky but no there was this cave and used to hunt t-rexes named pickle that got unfrozen who was super strong but Bobby fought by pretend to fight t-rexes by shadow boxing and that you know just read the manga is actually very entertaining honestly baki is the definition of no pain no gain and what’s great about this manga is the fact they explain real world phenomenons going on with this superhuman level of shit dude pushes himself far beyond even advanced limits to make himself the best he can be and I had the utmost respect for that Batman eat your heart out but all in all would Bakke to grapplers training work on a tone down level with plenty of rest and proper nutrition following the three legs duel of Fitness religiously then damn straight it’s rigorous and tough but can help you build a strong bob just like Bakke it probably won’t get you punching through buildings and if you’re looking to get a physique aesthetically like him you’re going to need some extra help also don’t try to give yourself a near-death experience to achieve some ridiculous goal that’s just don’t do it it’s dumb well that has been my video for today thanks for watching all the way to the end and if you have any more video topics you’d like to see leave them in the comment section below and if you did enjoy the video and would like to help me create more videos like this then why not stop past my patreon where you can see a ton of great helpful rewards is gratitude for helping me out and I’m incredibly appreciative of all you for helping me keep these up I love making these and I just love doing this because I love this series so much also be sure to hit that Bell icon by the subscriber button because I will let you know the moment I upload and I have some surprises coming somewhere down the line so be sure to stay tuned well zoom posess I hope you enjoy today’s video and I hope you learned something this video has been requested heavily and yes it tough like the tunes will eventually be coming soon because I love Bakke de Graaff oh so much and I just saw the new OVA so I can’t wait that they’re actually doing 2042 episodes and sorry for I was I was absent for so long I went to a convention two weeks ago and I just got to see all my friends again and then my friend got me into this show called lucky star and it was addicting that I had to marathon Voltron and then defenders came out and I was awesome the little witch staff Academy at season two got dub and I was just like okay I just got so much time so I just took a nice little week off okay I need a little break guys okay that’s what I guys do but I hope you enjoyed this video and be sure to rate comment and subscribe tell me what you thought in the comments below and let’s get a discussion going and you know thank you for watching and remember like I always say keep calm booyah don’t forget moment I now I got to go watch the rest a little witch academia season two and finish like lucky star could be sure they’re actually really damn good you

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