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[Music] welcome to yoga how to section so whether you’ve done yoga or pilates before it doesn’t really matter this section is for everybody it’s going to tell you how to practice particular postures or Pilates exercises accurately and perfectly as best you can to get best out of each posture or exercise so you look and feel great after every practice also it’s really key to avoid any injuries now it’s super unlikely that you’re going to injure yourself in your group Pilates because the essence of the exercise is that they’re controlled and steady but to avoid any injuries it’s best for you to watch all the classes through and then you’ve got all the tools that you need you to have a perfect experience in my yoga and Pilates classes so watch all the how-to section through and then you can intertwine all of your experience into my yoga and Pilates classes if you only see please subscribe to Tabitha yoga and I’ll see you on a mat welcome to how to cat-cow now I like to bring this into all my classes so it’s essential that you get this right because what we’re doing is we’re dealing with the spine and the hips but essentially the spine so it’s really important to get your alignment perfect so knees hip distance apart and knees under hips hands under shoulders and again a bit like down dog if you’re going to do anything then this is a lovely thing to do to really stretch you out I’d like to see your hands spread and look like a kind of box shape as best you can but also your hands are a little wider than you knees and make sure everything is equal so you’re not because if you can imagine if my hands are over here or slightly over here then I’m flexing sending my spine on a lateral flection which you don’t want at all mmm so everything’s neutral spines mutual a little dip here and they’ll dip at the neck and we’re looking down between the thumbs so breathing in and breathe out tuck the tail under and round your back let your head drop and breathe in you let your tailbone reach the sky let your belly totally relax and look up now I’m not looking up like this because you see the crick in my neck is really nasty and ugly and it’ll hurt me but looking to the horizon or looking to kind of the corner of the floor where the floor meets the wall rounding out again on your out-breath pushing into the floor pulling your belly button to the sky and breathing in again let your belly relax totally and looking up breathing out you can bring softness in your elbows if you want I’m breathing in now as a beginner you might get a little confused as to when to breathe in and breathe out but if you think about it logically you breathe out push the air out because there’s no room for my lungs to expand and then you breathe in there’s loads of room because I’m opening the front of my body and opening my lungs and chest good see you blew out push the air out through the nose actually and breathe in good and also what’s nice to do this one is to maybe practice with your eyes closed and then it becomes a moving meditation and that actually is heavenly now to come out I would too because it’s always nice round my back and ease back in extended Child’s Pose so walk your fingers away drop your chest and stretch everything off and then you might want to spend a few moments there and walk your hands in and there you go your cat cow how to section I look forward to seeing you on the mat namaste [Music]

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  1. In this the 4th video in the series I focus on CAT COW STRETCH POSE. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced student, my Yoga and Pilates Poses How To Guide will help you perfect your postures and get the very best out of all the classes you do, try and watch all of them as I add to the series. I'd love it if you would tell me which other postures you would like me to include in the guide 🙏🏻🌸💕

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