Yoga For Beginners – The Basics – Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up, everyone? Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene, and this is
Benji who’s joining me on set today. We have a yoga for
beginners practice for you. This is really great for
people who are brand new to yoga or wanting to
get into yoga in a way that feels supportive. We’re gonna break
down some of the basics. We’re gonna talk
about alignment, and ultimately
help you, guide you, to finding what feels good. So hop into something comfy, and let’s get started. (upbeat music) All right, let’s begin
in a nice seat. Now as a beginner,
and this is just everybody, we’re so used
to sitting in chairs, and on toilets
and stuff like that, kind of lost this
connection to getting down nice and low and being
able to sit up tall, so I just wanna
say right off the bat, if you cannot sit
in a cross legged seat, you are not alone. And in time will
be able to do that. Even me, I grew up dancing,
it was really hard for me to sit cross legged
for any amount of time, in the beginning and I remember
that being a real struggle so if that’s you,
I got your back. We’re gonna start in a
comfortable seat on the ground but if you are already thinking
that that’s not available to you and your body,
you can start in a chair, you can start standing. We’re just gonna
take a second to tune in. This is part of the
foundations of our practice. Taking a second to just let
the day thus far melt away and put the future on hold, and really dig into
the present moment so that we can the most
out of our practice, and so that we can really align
with where we’re at today, so we focus on alignment
as like, you know, aligning the bones, but also
there’s this other aspect to aligning with
just what is today. And I think it’s a really
great practice for you know, loving yourself and being
the best version of yourself. That practice. So if you wanna try
getting down nice and low, I recommend sitting
on something. Now you might not have
a yoga block available, so you can pause the video
and grab a couple towels folded up, or a blanket
or maybe a couch pillow that’s nice and firm. Maybe a couple blocks,
or maybe just give it a go on the ground. What’s nice about
lifting the hips up is that you can find
length with more ease in the spine because the
knees are dropping down below the hip sockets,
just making it a little bit more easier for you
to kind of root down. And rise up through the spine. So just take a second
to get settled in. And when you
arrive in your seat, I’d love for you
to flip the palms and lift your heart. So again, nice and easy,
we’re flipping the palms and we’re lifting the heart. Now we won’t spend too
much time here ’cause I know time is precious and we wanna
get through our practice, but this might just be
the most important moment of this video where
we close our tries, so trust the video,
trust me, trust yourself. Close your eyes and
take the deepest breath you’ve taken in all day. And as you exhale,
relax your shoulders. On your next inhale, see if you
can grow a little bit taller and then again on an exhale
relax your shoulders. And one more
time just like that, inhale, see if you can
grow a little bit taller. Lengthening all the way
up through the spine, the neck, the crown of the head. And on an exhale,
relax your shoulders. And we’ll take a second
here to draw a couple circles with the nose, so
this can be really refreshing for the neck, the shoulders,
it’s a very simple move you can do anytime,
anywhere, drawing big circles with the nose, one way. And then the other, reverse it. So gently working out any kinks. I’d like to invite you to
gently deepen your breath here. Just take a couple of
nice refreshing breaths in and out through the nose. And then just notice if
you’re starting to collapse in the spine here, the chest,
see if you can remain aware all the way
up through the crown. Find that gentle
lift in the heart. Cool, then we’re gonna inhale, spread the fingertips super wide and reach the arms
all the way up. Inhale, stretch, see if you
can lift and lengthen all four sides of the torso, so don’t worry
about any shape here, just focus on the sensation. We’ll get to the shapes
in just a moment. But just kind of
embracing this sensation. Getting in the habit of
focusing our awareness on the sensation,
rather than the shape, so take a big stretch,
lift through the front body, the back body, the side bodies. And then on an
exhale rain it down. This time palms face down. Loop the shoulders,
lift the heart even more. Inhaling deeply. And exhale completely. Close your eyes, and if
you like just set a little intention, something
you wanna work on. Something you wanna intend,
something you want to do in this time, and it could
just be to get through the whole video. And when you feel
like you have something, anything, just to focus
your awareness on, take one more deep breath in. And then exhale out
through the mouth. Sweet, thriller arms. We take the fingertips
forward, and then down. We start to feel a really
nice stretch through the forearm here, and
then this strong action as you pull the shoulders
back into socket, so really reach out as
if you’re trying to reach for something,
gimme, gimme, gimme. And then fingertips down,
and plug the shoulders back so you can really feel that. The shoulder blades
are coming together and then lift your heart. And then big stretch here,
so if you work, well if you have a phone,
this is great. Okay, and so the main action
here that I’d like you to remember is pulling
that shoulder into socket, and really feeling this
awareness, this broadening too, through the
upper back body. And if you’re like,
I don’t know what that means, no prob, take what works
for you, leave what doesn’t. We’ll flip the script here now, flipping the hands, just
feeling a stretch through the fingertips really wide, so
lots of awareness through every fingertip and if you
want a little bit more, you can take one
hand to the fingers, and stretch here,
and then the other. And then some circles. And you might notice, oh my God, I’m so out of shape, my arms
are starting to get tired. You know this is what happens
when we start to really work with awareness
and focus on getting in alignment with
where we are today. This is the good stuff. Cool, and then shake it out. All right, we’re gonna come
forward onto all fours. Take your time, one really
great thing as a beginner to consider in yoga,
and this is for people who have been doing
yoga a long time, too, they need this
reminder is to kinda relish and stay present in
the transitions, right? A lot of people they don’t
get injured in yoga poses but in the transition because
the mindfulness kind of goes away, there’s a disconnect. So, just a little food
for thought as you move, whoa, sorry buddy. From your seat, to all fours. Take your time. Come to a tabletop position. Wrists underneath the shoulders. Knees directly
underneath the hips. Press away from your yoga mat. And then really see if you
can spread the fingertips super wide and then just
notice if the toes are coming in or splaying out. We start to really pay
attention to detail here. Yeah, Benji’s doing
his yoga, too. So pressing into
the tops of the feet. And then after you take a
moment to look at the video, and look down, look at
the video, look down, take a second to press
away from your yoga mat, and lengthen through
the crown of the head and close your eyes and see
if you can feel this straight line from the crown to the tail, so one of the things that
happens a lot here is we collapse through
the shoulder blades, and we collapse through
the lower back body. So step one, try to lift up
between the two shoulder blades. So almost as if you were
lifting your heart space up through the
center of your back. So again you can look at the
video, it looks like this. Here I am collapsed, and then
here I am broadening through the upper back. Same thing with the lower back. You might have
a little sway back here, which feels really
good sometimes, but for this tabletop, we wanna find this
connection to our center, and to the midline,
which is gonna support us in a lot of our
standing postures. So lengthen the tailbone
towards the back of your mat and then again, press
away from your yoga mat, to find this expansion,
this length. The navel draws up to the spine, and so you can imagine
placing a little tea cup on the back of the neck
and on the lower back body, and it would not fall,
it would be balanced. Again, tabletop position. You may start to shake here,
or you might start to sweat here and think oh no,
I’m so out of shape, or oh my God, no you’re
perfectly in shape, and this is what it
feels like to really work with this integrity,
this awareness in the body. Take one more breath here. And then cat cow’s never
gonna feel as good as it does after really awakening
this line of the spine, so drop the belly
whenever you’re ready. We release that line,
and we inhale as we look up. And then reverse it, exhale,
curl the tailbone under. Navel draws up, again,
it’s an exhale as you round chin to chest. Notice if the hands and
feet have changed here, lots of mindfulness through
every toe through every finger as you inhale,
drop the belly, look up. Press away from your yoga
mat, and not collapsed. And then exhale, curling
the tail, rounding through. This is on the exhale. Let’s do one more on
your own, big inhale. And big exhale. Awesome,
bring the knees together, curl the toes under. We come off the hands,
give the hands a break as we give the feet some love. So you’ll flip the
palms face up, for a lot of folks this
is gonna send off an alarm bells right away. So I’d like for you to align
your head over your heart, your heart over your pelvis. And then rather than just
dumping all the way into your feet, as if you were,
you know, at story time as a kid,
really sweet and relaxed and not very heavy. See if you can lighten
your load, by lifting up. We call this Mula Bandha,
but more on that later. Just drawing energy up,
engaging the muscles of the pelvic floor,
to just find a lightness. A support from within. Take one more deep
breath here, you got it. It’s a big stretch for the feet. And then exhale come
back to all fours. Walk the knees
underneath the hip points, recenter underneath the
shoulders once again. Beautiful, now this time,
we’re gonna test this line from the crown to the tail,
we call this the Danda. Sanskrit for the
stick or the staff, so you can literally draw a
line from the crown to the tail. We’re gonna test
this by inhaling in and exhaling, pressing
away from the yoga mat and lifting in the knees
just about a half inch above the ground to awaken
your core, your center. So we’re gonna walk
the hands out now, and I’m going to really pay
attention to my hands here as I prep for downward dog, so, pressing into all
10 fingerprints. I’m gonna draw the
shoulders away from the ears just like I did
with thriller arms. Curl the toes under,
inhale, look forward, drop the belly, and then exhale
rounding through, and then sending
it all the way up. So we’re gonna start with
a little bit of a rounding. Then inhale and again,
lift the heels, and exhale, drop the heels,
melt your heart back. Press into all 10 fingerprints, and then bend your
knees generously, drawing the shoulders
away from the ears, pressing really, really,
rooting into that index finger and thumb, my friends. Now breathe deep here,
again, bend the knees. You can peddle the legs a little
bit here if it feels good. And again, I’m trying to,
let’s go ahead and shine our biceps towards each
other, so turn your biceps to face each other here. And then notice if you’re
holding in the head in the neck. Great, take deep breaths,
inhale in. And then exhale all the
way back down to all fours. Awesome work. Take a break if you
need to, child’s pose. Or you can always come
back on to the feet here. And take a rest. We’re gonna head into a lunge,
so whenever you’re ready, you’ll meet me with
the right foot forward, and the left foot back. Take your time getting
there, nice and slow. We’re just gonna bring
the right foot forward, so if you’re like, oh I’m
so clumsy, I can’t do yoga. This home practice opportunity
is the most wonderful way to get into your
body and start to explore the tools of yoga. So when you arrive there, we’re gonna really work on
everything from the ground up. The front toes are gonna
be pointing forward, go ahead and lower that back
knee, if you haven’t already. And then I’m gonna make
sure that my front knee is over the front ankle,
so a lot of times this front knee will go over the toes, and in its essence it’s not
gonna hurt you on the first try but over time, that’s
really gonna be not good for the knee, so we want
front knee over front ankle, and you’ll come into
this alignment a lot, you know, a lot of
your standing postures, so it’s a great place
to start, nice down low. Lower the back knee
if it’s not already, so that you can really start
to find some spaciousness through the front body, so
chances are, we’re rounding here because natural normal human
modern day culture tightness so in time, we’ll keep
that back knee lowered, so in time we can
slowly begin to come up onto the fingertips. Still keeping front
knee over front ankle and slowly begin to kind of
come out of our turtle shell. Draw the shoulder blades down
the back body, and lift the heart, just like we did at
the beginning of practice. Now again, this seems like
really easy yoga move, but if you’re sweatin’
shaking here, yes! Because we’re working
in our alignment, in a way in which we are active and aware. And so it’s gonna wake
up parts of the body that you just haven’t
maybe felt in awhile. Even me, here I’m like,
woo, I can feel it. So now, rather than dumping
all my weight into the legs, I’m gonna try to find this
energy up through my midline again, almost a scissor
effect, as if I were drawing a front edge of my mat, mack, and the back edge
of my mat together. So you’ll feel it out. And then last but not least,
you might lift the back knee or you might keep
it nice and low today, and lift the back knee
on another day because you’re gonna return
to this video, right? So that you can see how
things are progressing and growing and
evolving on your journey. So you might stay nice and low, or you might lift the back knee. I’m gonna really spike the
left heel towards the back edge of my yoga mat and then
again that scissor effect so I’m pulling my
right hip crease back. I’m not on a tight rope,
I have two parallel lines here. Wherever you are,
take one deep breath in. And then exhale,
plant the palms, slowly lower the back knee down. Followed by the front knee and then again, take a rest,
so it could be child’s pose for you, or it could
be just coming back to kneeling. So in this moment, close
your eyes and just observe your breath and
notice how you feel. You’re doing awesome. And then when you’re ready
we’re gonna check out that same low lunge
on the other side. So take it nice and slow. Remember what
I said about transitions. This time the left foot’s
gonna come forward. Left toe is really
pointing forward and right knee back. When you arrive, take your
time to really pay attention to what’s going on, so that’s
another beautiful thing about the home practice
is you don’t have to move at the same pace as 30 other
people in the yoga room. And you really kind
of make it your own. Front knee over front
ankle, check that out. Then back knee’s lowered. And see if you can lift up
through the center channel and once again, we try to
come out of our turtle shell here so the spine will
be rounding forward. We’re gonna
remember our cat cow, we’re gonna open
up through the chest. Feel that long length
stretching through the belly. And then just check it
out, breathing deep. Maybe we curl
the back toes under. And maybe we lift
the back knee up. Now if you can, try to
keep the chest open. The heart reaching forward
just energetically, right? This will help us, our
intention of moving forward so that we can keep
length in the spine. Big breath in. And big breath out,
plant the palms. Awesome work,
come back to all fours. Take a rest either child’s pose or kneeling. Close your eyes. Just notice how you feel. Awesome work, going back
to that downward facing dog whenever you’re ready. Take your time, practice
moving nice and slow, in and out of transitions. Listening to your body, and enjoying even when
it feels challenging or you feel like
you have two left feet, or whatever it is. Try to enjoy the process. Downward facing dog. So the index finger and thumb
are rooting down strong. The hands are spread wide,
fingertips spread wide, rather. And we’re creating
basically an upside down V. Tops of the shoulders, roll
away, externally rotate away from the ears, again
try to have your two biceps looking towards each other. Then turn your two big toes in. Let the sitting bones shine
left to right as you do that ’cause we’re moving
the hip socket here should feel really good. Then bend your knees slightly,
take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Shake the head
a little yes, a little no. Keep rooting strong
through that index finger and thumb, you got this. Then inhale,
look forward nice and slow. Gentle on the neck, and
nice and slow we’re gonna step the feet up as
many steps as you need. All the way up to the
front edge of the mat. Feet are hip width apart,
so you don’t need to come tightly bound here,
it’s really nice, especially for the first
forward fold of any practice to bend the knees generously and stretch the lower back body. Ease into your
hamstring stretches. And find release in
the head and neck, so clasp the elbows. Root down through all
four corners of the feet so that’s the ball
joint of the big toe. The ball joint of that
pinky toe, and then the back two corners of your heels. Continue to breath here. Nice and loose
in the head and the neck. Take one more big breath in, then exhale release the
fingertips to the ground. Root down through the
feet, tuck your chin into your chest, and slowly
roll it up to standing. Nice and slow. So roll up nice and slow,
resist the urge to rush here. And as you lift your
heart, really root to rise, as we say in the practice,
and the idea is really feeling that pressing down through
the feet and the rising up through this center
channel of your spine. Peace, Benji. So yeah,
give yourself some space. Just notice if you’re kind
of tightly bound here. And this opening and the Asana is really offer an opportunity for you to send
a new signal to your body than maybe your habitual,
I mean to your brain, then your habitual self. So your habitual
self (mumbles), right? For many, many,
many, many, many reasons. Some of them are
out of your control. So yeah, all that to say,
see if you can play with opening up here in a big,
big, beautiful Tadasana, and know that this is sending
a signal to your brain going, okay,
I’m available, I’m open. Just that. And take a deep breath in. And then exhale, see if you
can imagine your shoulder blades melting down
your back body. And then this is a big
big alignment thing. Make sure that the toes
are still pointing forward. I’m going to lift up
through the front body. And then I’m gonna ground
through the back body. Then engaging the
inner thighs a little bit. Find a lift from
the pelvic floor. And tops of the thigh bones
are gonna have just a slight inner rotation, and again,
if this is too much right now, just take one thing at a
time, one day at a time. You know, take what works. Leave what doesn’t. And take one more
deep breath in here. Smile a little bit. And then exhale,
relax your shoulders. Beautiful, inhale,
spread the fingertips, reach the arms all the way up, nice big full body stretch here. Take the pinkies forward,
and the thumbs back and imagine you’re holding a
big beach ball over your head. Now make sure you’re
not clenching here. So we’re creating lots of space. Again, finding that
rotation in the shoulder. Think about those thriller
arms when plugged in. Big breaths here, and
then last but not least, I have my long puppy
belly here, I’m just gonna draw the navel in slightly,
connect to my center. Whatever that means to you. Inhale in, exhale release
left hand to the waistline. I’m gonna take my right
fingertips behind nice and slow and just
draw big circles in space. Try to keep breathing. And enjoy this
time for yourself. Then reverse it,
soft in the fingers. Big breaths. And then right hand to
the waistline, same thing, left fingertips go back. Doing a little bit of the
backstroke here. Opening up through the chest, starting to wake up
these muscles, pectorals. The lats of the back body. And then reverse it. I’m gotta get Missy
Elliot on this yoga show. ♫ Dreams can come true ♫ Hands come to the waistline. Okay, so now we’re
gonna practice bringing the feet together. Some Masithethe four part equal
standing is what we call it. And the idea is that,
more or less, we’re creating this post. This big, basically
taking our two feet and creating one foot,
one solid base. So squeezing our
arches together. Squeezing our thighs
and knees together. Press in to all four
corners of the feet and then once again,
I’d love for you to find this upward current, this lift
up through the front body and this grounding
through the back body. So rather than thinking of
tucking the pelvis super hard, just think about lengthening
your tailbone down. Just play. The inner thighs
are gonna squeeze in, and think about this rotation
of the top of the thigh going inward and out towards
the back edge of your mat. More on that another day,
but just playing with that maybe a little bit here. So the idea is you’re wanting
to find a nice, strong base. Then once again,
whenever you’re ready, drop the fingertips down,
open the palms and inhale. Reach the fingertips
up and over head. Fingertips kiss and then exhale. Bend your knees and
take it all the way down into a forward fold. So, bend your knees as
generously as you need to here. And if you have a block or
something to lift the earth up to you, that’s kind
of helpful sometimes so you can start to
create space mindfully. Now if you’re a super
beginner, keep your eyes open, and maybe focused on one point, so that you have stability,
a little bit of balance. Then check it out. On your next inhale,
release the arms and slide the palms all the
way past the tops of the feet. Up past the shins, the knees,
all the way to the tops of your thighs. Then loop your shoulders,
bend your knees, pull the elbows back and
try to create length from the crown to the tail. Flat back position here. Just like we did in tabletop,
lift the space between your two shoulder blades. Draw the navel up. Hug the elbows in the side
body, take a deep breath in. When you hear halfway
lift in a flow practice, it’s to find this length here. On an exhale release. Press into your foundation. Your feet, spread the
fingertips, open the palms and inhale, rise up. Root to rise,
press into your foundation. Big stretch here,
reach, reach, reach. And then exhale,
hands to the waist. Awesome work, okay. Soft knees, we’re just gonna
slide the left foot back. So we have right foot forward. Left foot back, I’m gonna
pivot on my back foot, warrior one,
is where I’m headed. So just breaking it down. Left toes are pointing
towards the front left corner of your yoga mat. Right toes are pointing forward. And I’m actually gonna use
my hands to slowly guide my belly forward. Traditionally the
hips are square, but for a lot of beginners
I find that it’s kinda like we’re kinda skipping, if we’re
just moving into this shape we’re kind of missing
all the good stuff that’s supposed to help us feel
grounded and joyful, so in the posture,
so front knee bends. Front knee over front ankle. And for now, don’t worry about
getting those hips square. Worry about the sensation
of your foundation. So press into the outer
edge of the back foot. Take your left hand to
your left inner thigh and just give it a little
slap to engage that muscle, so then this leg starts
to become really strong and really rooted. Front knee over front ankle. Hands on the waistline. Lift up through the front body. Ground through the back body. All these things we’ve
been working on, and then take the palms
gently at your sides. Keep this rotation
in the shoulder as you inhale rise up,
warrior one. Virabhadrasana one. Find the scissor effect,
so we’re not just dumping into this shape,
but we’re drawing energy up through the midline. We take one more
deep breath here. And then on an exhale
I’m gonna send my left fingertips back, right
fingertips forward, warrior two. You might widen
your stance here. You might bring
your right heel in, so that it’s in alignment
with your left arch. Now, front knee
over front ankle. Here take a look down,
make sure you can see your front big toe. Now lengthen the tailbone down. Lift up through the front body. Ground through the back body. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. There’s a tendency
here to reach forward, think about drawing your
center right underneath your heart space and
hugging those lower ribs in. Breathing deep. Inhale in, exhale,
relax the shoulders down. Great, now we’re gonna
challenge ourselves here. By dropping the left
fingertips down, nice and slow. Move with me, and as
I move my center forward, I’m gonna lift my back heel,
and come into a high lunge for one big breath. Inhale lift up through
the front body. And then exhale rain
hands to waistline. Step the back foot
up to meet the front. Take as many steps as
you need to come back to your mountain pose. Inhale in. Exhale let it go. Awesome, slide the
right foot back. Pivot on the back foot. Right toes are pointing
towards the front right corner of your yoga mat, or the front right
corner of your room. Then take a second to really
start with your feet always. Left toes pointing forward, front knee over front ankle. Focus one the
sensation over the shape. We’re definitely shifting
the world of yoga now to understand that ah yes,
if we’re all gonna learn yoga, then we all need to
learn it in our bodies. Not try to do what someone
else is doing in their body. So lengthen the tailbone down. Press into the outer edge
of that back foot strong, and then lift through the
right inner arch, inner leg. Take your right hand,
to your right inner thigh, give it a little slap
just to wake up that leg. And then you’ll
start to feel it, right? Engage. We call this action, so
we work on the alignment and then the action of hugging
the muscle to the bone. Front knee over front ankle. We lift up through
the center channel. That’s up through the spine. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. Make sure you can
see your front big toe. And then when you’re ready, fingertips are gonna come down. Palms open, and we
inhale reach for the sky. Warrior one. Big breaths here. Lifting up from
the pelvic floor, so we’re not just dumping here, but really feeling this
rooting to rise quality in our warrior
Virabhadrasana one. Take a deep breath in. And then exhale,
right fingertips go back. Left fingertips go forward. We might walk that left
heel in line with the arch of the right foot. And then again, just notice
are we reaching forward here? Can we draw the navel in? Tailbone down. Virabhadrasana two. Warrior two. Big breaths here, inhale,
lengthen through the crown, so nice and long in the neck. A great way to test the
shoulders here is to open the palms, and then
keep that external rotation that we’ve been working
on in the shoulders and then just
flip the palms down. Yes, awesome work. Deep breath in, right
fingertips are gonna draw down. Here we go challenging
our balance here. Navel draws in, stay
connected to your core. Your center,
I pivot on the back foot. Big stretch in the front of
the right hip crease here. Inhale front knee
bends high lunge. Keep the back heel lifted. You got this, inhale,
spread the fingertips. Open your heart. And then exhale, hands are gonna
come down to the waistline. And with control,
with grace, even we try, stepping the back foot
up to meet the front. Mountain pose, deep breath in. Exhale let it go. Awesome work, all right,
let’s take it down, cool it off and then
you’re home free. Here we go, inhale
reach for the sky. Exhale forward fold. Great work, inhale halfway
lift, palms to the tops of the thighs, find that length. And exhale, fold. Plant the palms, you’re gonna
step the right toes back. Followed by the left. Press away from your yoga mat. Five seconds in plank,
lift up between the space between your shoulder blades. Draw your navel up
towards the sky. Send a fireball shooting
out through the crown of your head and
reach your heels back. Press away from your yoga
mat, one more breath. And release to the knees. Awesome work, child’s pose. Knees together, we swim the
fingertips all the way around towards the heels,
and we relax the shoulders. Take a deep breathe in. And a long exhale out. And exhale release. Awesome work, slowly
reach the fingertips up towards the front edge. We’ll come through all fours. And just nice and easy
swing legs to one side and come to a seat once again. This time with the legs
extended out in front. And you can actually bend
the knees from the start here so we’ll kind of dig
the heels into the earth. Move the fleshy part of the
buttocks aside so you can really feel your sits
bones connect. And then sit up nice
and tall and again, if you need to sit up on
a blanket or block here to find length in the spine,
we’re working on that, so try not to get
frustrated if the spine is super rounded here. That’s why we’re here,
I got you. So, in time we’ll be
able to find this lift and this lengthen bending
the knees certainly helps. And if you’re already at a
place where you feel like, ah, I think I can extend
my legs out long and still keep this posture up,
then play with that. Okay, we’ll bring the
fingertips to the sides or you can press into
the palms Dandasana. Inhale lift and lengthen. Exhale relax your
shoulders down. Take one more deep breath in. Deep breath out. Sweet, now keep the
left leg extended. Bring the right knee
all the way up and in. So options here, I can take the
left hand to the right knee. Swim the right
fingertips around. I’m working to try to
keep that length, so the tendency here
is that like a magnet. The navel draws back
and the spine rounds. So try to keep that length. That’s what we’re working on. If you want to
go a little deeper, you can take the left
elbow to the right knee. Benji, everybody! And start to lift and lengthen. Up through the spine, so we’re here,
or we’re here, we’re twisting. We’re working on our
posture slowly but surely. Breathing deep. Inhale, lift and lengthen. Exhale relax your shoulders. One more time, inhale lift
up through your heart. And exhale relax your shoulders. Benji, everybody! Okay, great, release (laughing). Leave it to Benji to
keep it real, okay. Extend the right leg out long. Left leg comes up. We’re almost done here. You can kind of smile, Benji’s
actually a good reminder of just like practicing at home. There’s distractions,
there’s so much going on, but you rock, way to take
this time for yourself. So right hand comes to the knee, left fingertips come behind. ‘Sup? We inhale, lift and lengthen. Exhale twist. You can also hug
the elbow in here. See. We’ll just keep it,
we’ll just roll with it. Inhale lift your heart. Exhale release. Inhale lift your heart,
exhale relax your shoulders. Okay, we’re just neutralizing
through the spine and also,
(bone banging on the floor) we’re working on
growing on that posture that you desire,
so know this video is great for beginners because no
worries if you feel like, oh I’m never gonna get there. We’re gonna get there,
we’re gonna get there together. All right,
enough of that, release. Benji’s like, finish up,
it’s time to play, my yoga. We’re gonna come slowly
onto the back again. Remember what
I said about transitions. Super mindful, so take
the hands to the backs of the thighs as you
roll down, yeah. And then hug the
knees into the chest and feel supported by the
earth, this should feel awesome. Squeeze the knees
into the chest. If this is too much for you, you can do one
knee at a time, baby. No prob. And find what feels good. Give a little massage
on the back body. You might draw some
circles with the knees. And then eventually we’re
gonna come to happy baby pose. And then you’ll be a true yogi
after this pose (chuckles). So there’s some great action
points though that you don’t always here about
happy baby that I’m gonna share with you, so first
of all we’ll just do one leg at a time and I’m
gonna take my right hand to the outer edge
of my right foot. Lift the sole of the right
foot up towards the sky. Maybe I just do one
leg at a time, if the hips are super tight. Otherwise, I’m gonna
take the left foot, and I’m working to get my
feet up towards the sky. And then here we go,
big action point. Lengthen tailbone towards
the front edge of your mat. Tuck the chin into the chest. Breath deep, open your
chest, open your heart. And then exhale,
release, awesome. Extend one leg,
and then the other. We’re coming to our final and most precious posture,
Savasana. There is a tendency, especially in the beginning
to kinda skip this guy. I don’t know why you
would because all day long I dream, all day
I dream of Savasana. But, you know, we’re busy. We get very busy. We only have so much
time, it’s really hard to take time for ourselves,
especially when we have people in our life that need us. But by golly,
you’ve earned it, take it. We’re not gonna be here long. Take the heels as
wide as your yoga mat and just allow the toes
to windshield wiper out a little bit here,
left and right. Then press into your
head, lift your chest, snuggle your shoulder blades
underneath your heart space. Open the chest, and then
allow your arms to come out at your sides and then remember, what are we telling
our brain here? What signals are we sending? Are we really tight here, or
can we open up and soften? Kind of calm and cool
the nervous system and say, it’s okay to let go, to restore, and close your
eyes and we’re just gonna take three breaths here,
so here we go. Big breath in through the nose. And exhale out through
the nose or the mouth. Inhale in. And big exhale to let it go. And last one, you got it. Exhale release. Stay here as long as time
allows, or if you have to boogie make sure you take a moment
to give thanks and praise for your body and taking
this time for yourself. Mind and body. I’m gonna bring
my hands together, and we usually seal our
practice by just kind of… Saying a salutation or a… Prayer that acknowledges
how awesome we are and how awesome everyone is. So, we say namaste to
bow to the light and ultimately the divine or
the ideas the best version of ourselves. We bow to that within, and
then we also acknowledge it in one another. So wherever you are you can
bring the hands together or you can just take a
quiet moment to yourself to feel that, feel
and acknowledge your truest awesome self. And then remember and
recognize that we all got that mojo, we all
got it going on. So the beauty of yoga
and the end of this ritual is that we just take one
moment to acknowledge that. So that’s what we do. We take a deep breath in. And we bow to
the teacher within, to the awesome within, and
then we acknowledge that with a bow to one another. Thanks again for
sharing your time. And your practice,
I’ll see you on the mat. Questions, comments,
welcomed below. Namaste. (heavy breathing) (upbeat music)

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