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– What’s up everyone and
welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I am Adriene and
today we have a sequence for concentration
and mental focus. So this is really
great when you’re needing to hunker down on a project but you’re feeling pulled in
a lot of different directions. This is really great
when you feel a little uneasy, you might need a
little confidence boost, a little feeling of
oh, I got this this. This is gonna be an
awesome practice for you. Please share it
with people you think might benefit from it. I feel like this is a good
one that we can pass around as a little act of love. Hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright my friends,
let’s begin lying down, yay! Don’t worry, we’ll get up. Let’s start by emptying that cup so that we can
fill it mindfully. So you’re gonna just come to
a nice flat back position. And just allow all
your beans to spill, (laughs) and allow the weight
of your body to relax. So even if you’re
a little concerned that you will get too tired. Maybe you’re already feeling
a little sluggish or weird. Even if you’re worried that
you’re gonna get too tired and not be able
to do this video. Trust me, trust yourself,
trust the practice and go ahead and keyword, just allow
yourself to be heavy, allow. I’m guessing if
you chose this video or you decided to
say yes to this video that you could use
a little rejuvenation and a little guidance in toward the
things that matter. I can’t assume,
of course, but just a little, part of me believes
that you could benefit from some focus and centering. So in order to do that, go ahead and close your eyes and just allow
everything to spill, to empty. And this might be a little bit
difficult if you’re on the go or you’re worried about time but just trust that
this is valuable, productive, I would say necessary
but that’s I’m just one girl. Necessary time that will
actually make whatever it else you have to do in life run more smooth, perhaps help you
to have more energy, grace and focus. So close thine eyes
if you haven’t already. Then just start
to notice your breath and allow your exhales
to be a little invitation to just relax. And as you’re ready, we’ll just start to
rock the head gently a little side to side,
ear to ear. And yes this is the lovely
little massage for the back of the head and
absolutely we start to stretch through the neck. But this is also a
little signal to the brain that we’re slowing down. So if you’re like me,
anything like me, you might have started this
rocking sensation really fast, you know it’s
really hard to slow down. See if you can
slow it down even more. Just again is a little way I’m
signaling the brain, ah okay. Okay, okay. We’ll bring it back to center and nothing fancy here,
it’s a big full body stretch. You can keep the eyes closed
or you can start to open them but we’re gonna
send the fingertips all the way up and overhead. Spread the fingers,
spread the toes, take a deep breath in, and a long breath out, walk your heels in
line with your hips. Start to point and
flex through the feet and you’ll feel your shoulders pressing firmly
down into the earth, excuse me, your shoulder blades. Firmly pressing
down into the earth. Take one more big stretch then exhale float,
just the hands the arms down and you’ll use your hands
to press down into the earth and hug one knee up into the
chest and then the other. Your intuition is
probably right here so give yourself a big ol’ hug. Feel that stretch
through the lower back body. Maybe you walk or
crawl your shoulder blades down towards the
bottom edge of your mat. Kind of like a bear
massaging its back on a tree. And then just notice
where you’re gripping here. Either in the
mouth or in the ankles. Sometimes we grip in
the weirdest places (chuckles). Am I right? So even if you can’t find it, just do a little spotty scan and start to relax again and just kind of emptying
the cup so we can fill it with things that
feel good and that support and help focus us. We’ve all been there, get distracted and
you go down a rabbit hole and the mind starts to take
over and you get really lost. And sometimes it
can be really harmful. So we’ll use this practice
today to get back on track whatever it is you’re up
to in your beautiful life. Okay, we’re gonna open the knees and then reach the
fingertips to the feet. Grab the outer
edges of the feet. If you cannot grab the outer
edges of the feet, who cares? You’re gonna grab the shins. We’re just gonna open
up through the knees here to start to open
up through the hips. So we’re here or
we’re here on the ankles. Again, if you can’t
get there then maybe palms gently come to the
front of the shin or the knee. And then we’re starting here
’cause this is a great one where you can tell right away
if you’re gripping or holding. So just let it all
open out, literally. Thank you YouTube. Be nice, just kidding. And then you can start to find
a soft easy movement here. Obviously we’re
starting nice and slow today so just use this
time to settle down. And then as you’re ready, we’ll slowly release
the arms wherever they are. Bring the knees back in and we’re gonna slowly
inhale in, exhale, squeeze, shins in towards
the body and slowly peel head and heart and shoulders up. The nose can
come towards the knees but it doesn’t have to touch. Breathing deep here. Keeping the shoulders relaxed, the neck relaxed. One more breath and then slowly release. Awesome, slide the hands
to the backs of the thighs, you’re gonna rock up and down
the length of your spine. We’re starting to
get a little energy going so just be mindful here. You can do it a couple times but you’re actually gonna
rock all the way to your feet on this one and this
is a very humbling move, it can be very fun. It’s also a nice
little core activator. So as you’re ready, you’ll come to a
little toe stretch here, a little foot stretch. Fingertips are on the earth. We start to
really wake up the feet, the ankles, the Achilles,
the calves, your quads. And then you’re gonna inhale, look forward once you get there. This is like a
little ninja stand. I dressed like a
ninja today for the focus and the mental
focus and concentration. I feel like it is appropriate. So inhale, really think
about opening the chest, think Cobra here. And then exhale chin to chest rounding through,
think Cat Pose. You should feel a nice stretch, maybe the palms
come to the earth. And then one more
time, inhale open. Think Cobra. A little bit of energy as you
squeeze the knees together and then exhale
around chin to chest. Then keep this chin to chest, you’re gonna
slowly drop the heels and roll all the way
up to your Mountain Pose. Take your time,
move as slow as you can. And stand up nice and
tall when you get there, really feel your feet
pressing into the ground. And feel the blood flow
and the flush of energy. You’re gonna open
your palms, really open, open, open up, open
up through the chest here and in your Mountain Pose today. And take nice
smooth deep breaths. Literally imagine
your breath just, I don’t know, I sounds cheesy but just imagine
your breath is love, like you’re inhaling love
and you’re exhaling love. So it’s an active
connection of like your breath is your spirit not just
oh, breathing, another task. Think about when you
sleep, you keep breathing. This is to honor the breath by really
inhaling lots of love in and exhaling lots of love out. Alright, inhale, reach
the arms up and overhead, big stretch here just
like we did on the ground then exhale, right arm’s
gonna come underneath the left for Eagle Arms
or Garudasana arms. If the palms don’t
come together, no matter, just take a nice stance here. We’re working on
opening up through the chest and the shoulders evenly so you don’t wanna allow
your chest to collapse here. Lift the chest up. Inhale, maybe lift the elbows up and then exhale,
experiment, fingertips forward. Again inhale,
lift the elbows up, exhale, fingertips forward. Beautiful, now
lift the chin slightly, take the deepest
breath you taken all day. Careful, no pressure
in the lower back here so little connection
to your belly. And then exhale, on an
exhale all the way down, bend the knees nice and slow. Strong steady
focus on the breath here. So nice long breath and then the arms are gonna
unravel at the last moment and we’re back
in our Forward Fold. Awesome, inhale
lifts you up halfway, nice flat back position. And exhale to fold. Awesome, inhale,
reach for the sky, root to rise here,
really spread your fingertips and this time, left
arm underneath the right as you breathe out. Find your eagle, you breathe
in pressing in the feet, lift the elbows up perhaps and then maybe
fingertips forward. Continue to
breathe in your own time, lift the chest, inhale and exhale. Draw the navel in just
a bit, support your back and inhale one more time. This time, maybe lift the chin and then bend the
knees in cascading down with your breath, nice and slow, arms unravel at the last moment. Awesome, inhale, halfway lift. Slow and steady is the course
and then exhale, release. Beautiful, bend
both knees generously, belly comes to the
tops of the thighs, you might walk your feet
together a little bit here. We’re gonna send the
hips back, back, back and the fingertips forward. Big stretch here. Send the hips back so big stretch in the side body. So think length. So immediately our
minds go to I can’t, Chair Pose sucks, just think about creating
length in your side body, your front body and
your back body here. It’s okay if the knees
come a little bit forward but send the
weight back in your hips. Breathing deep and once
again, protect the back, your lower back in particular
by drawing the navel in and then this pose
requires you to focus. Bring your
attention to your breath. Imagine you’re carrying a
big beach ball here, inhale. And then exhale, right
arm underneath the left. Eagle Arms,
inhale, lift the elbows up and then exhale,
let everything go. Oh yeah, take a moment
here to hang, shake it off. Breathing in,
lots of love, breathing out with consciousness. Sweet inhale,
halfway lift, big breath. Nice refreshing
exhale as you fold. Bend the knees, belly comes
to the tops of the thighs, send the weight
back into your hips and strong focus here as you
send the fingertips forward. Now find support from within,
you got this, check it out. It’s always fun
to repeat things. I love to work to with
same vocabulary a lot of times So that you can find new
ways have been negotiating, not just the physicality but
your emotional intelligence (chuckles) and
your mental focus. Here we go, left arm
underneath the right, inhale, lift the
elbows up, Eagle Arms. Maybe you sink a little
lower here, you got this. Breathe in, smile then it exhale
everything releases down. Inhale in, audible exhale
as you breathe out. Inhale, halfway lift. Nice long beautiful neck here then exhale to fold. Amazing, bend the knees,
step the left foot back, just the left foot,
right foot stays in the front. We’re come to a
nice low lunge here, you can lower the back knee and then left hand is
gonna come to the earth and we’re gonna slowly
peel the right fingertips up towards the sky. Just a nice gentle twist here. Front knee over front ankle,
open the chest, breathe deep. Awesome then you’re
gonna take the right hand in next to the right arch and you’re gonna
swing the left toes around. Take your time, again
this requires some focus, some anchoring of breath
and mind so take your time. And we’ll just open up through the left
fingertips from here. If this is too much, you
can come onto the fingertips or right elbow to the
top of the right thigh. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in again, stretch,
expand, you’re awesome and then use your breath out
to come back all the way, nice low lunge. Great, inhale, look forward. If you want you
can curl the back toes underneath that back knee. If you’re not feeling that
today, keep it nice and low. Beautiful, inhale in. Exhale, plant the palms,
step the right toes back. Strong plank pose,
we’re only here for five, four, enjoy it try, three, two, listen to the
sound of your breath and slowly lower all the way
to your belly on the one, you can lower the knees. Nice and easy here,
inhale, Cobra to lift up. Keep it nice and low. And then exhale, release. Power up, Plank Pose, inhale, press up, lift up. Strong, steady, five, four, find soft easy
movement here that feels good, three, two and one, beautiful. Downward Facing Dog,
take your time. Pedal it out. Stay present, try to
stick with the sensation, what’s going on in this moment. Oh and now this moment. Ooh and now press into
your fingertips in this moment. Beautiful then
we’ll inhale, look forward and exhale, step the right
foot up, step the left foot up. Inhale, halfway lift and exhale, fold. Inhale deeply through the nose and exhale,
sigh it out with sound. Awesome then the knees,
step the right foot back, just the right foot. Front knee over front ankle, lower the right
knee to the ground. Relish this stretch,
this sensation. Beautiful and then right
hand will come to the earth and we’ll slowly, so there’s a little
energy in the pelvic floor, cinch up through there,
a little scissor effect as you lift the left
fingertips up towards the sky. Then see if you can rotate
your right shoulder around just create more space. Nice and mindful
adjustments here though. Breathing deep as you inhale,
smile, breathe into your belly and then exhale,
bring it all the way down. Oh, feel the blood flow, the
energy flush, pay attention. Left hand comes in line with
the arch of the left foot then listen carefully,
here we go. Right knee
essentially stays where it’s at. We’re going to swing the
right toes all the way around. Kind of come into
a half warrior here and right fingertips
reach all the way up half extended side angle. Now and you can also
bring that left elbow up, create more space
or if you have a block, maybe play with that. Inhale, find expansion. Exhale and then inhale, expand, create more space and then exhale,
bring it all the way down. Awesome, here we go. Framing the foot now
with your hands again. Loop the shoulders, inhale at
the heart, radiate forward. You can lift that back knee or
keep it lower, you got this. Awesome then plant the palms
and we’ll come to Plank Pose. Five, four, three, you can count with me
if you want, two and one. Lower belly to Cobra
or Chaturanga to Up Dog. You’ll inhale to open
the chest, open the heart and then exhale to make your
way to Downward Facing Dog. Inhaling deeply and exhale completely. Inhale to look forward,
bend the knees. Exhale, step or hop to the top. Inhale, halfway lift,
find length and exhale, Forward Fold. Inhale, spread the fingertips,
press into the earth, reach up towards the sky
and exhale hands to heart, strong and steady. So there’s this connection to your center of
gravity here, really strong. If a big burst of wind were to
come through, you’d be here. We wouldn’t sway, wouldn’t fall. Connect to your center. So we’re gonna
challenge our center of gravity by coming into a
standing one-legged Tadasana. You’ll press into your left foot and lift the right knee up
as if it were on the string and then slowly release it down. Two more times, inhale. Notice if you’re shifting all
your weight to your left side, see if you can stay lifted,
connect to your center all the way up and then slowly
all the way down. Last time, inhale. Careful not to
grip to your left toes and this time
we’re gonna stay here, we’re gonna open up to Tree Pose so you’ll grab your right foot and either place it right up
against your left inner thigh and press your left inner thigh really against your right foot or you can also
go below the knee or keep the toes on the ground then find your focal point and try to press into the
outer edge of your right foot, finding rotation in
the right thigh bone and then take a
variation here that serves you. You can get
creative with your mudra. You can stay here,
hands at the heart or maybe challenge yourself by reaching
fingertips towards the sky. For an extra challenge,
you can take your gaze up and for an extra challenge,
you can close your eyes. And take one more
inhale to lift your heart and then you use your exhale, keep your heart
lifted to bring it back. Take it to the other side. Three times
peeling up from the knee and just notice if you’re
shifting all of your weight into your right leg,
right hip, right glute. And after about three, make
your way to tree, nice and slow, playing with this
idea of pressing energy in towards each other
and towards the midline so you can find length
and stability in the spine. Honor this side, just
accept where you are today and maybe if you’re in the mood, you have some fun
by lifting the arms up. Maybe looking up
taking your gaze up or if you’re feeling really
adventurous, closing your eyes. Inhale in, lift your heart, keep your
heart lifted as you exhale, release with control. Bring the palms
together, feet together. Inhale and exhale, sigh it out. Awesome, walk the feet just a little bit
wider than hip width apart and turn the toes out. Inhale in, reach for the sky and exhale as if
you’re painting a wall. You’re gonna bend your knees and you’re just gonna
paint the wall forward. Kind of like a
little Tai Chi move here. You’re just gonna
go about halfway down and you’re gonna
inhale rise up, Thriller arms. And exhale down,
halfway, just checking it out. Knees are going tracing
right over the the toes here and then rise up
and then one more time. Sync up with
your breath, inhale. Alright and now taking it all
the way down on an exhale, listen to your
breath find that Ujjayi. Press into the
outer edges of the feet, press into the
outer edges of the feet and now here we
are in our yogi squat. Awesome take a deep breath in. Relax those
shoulders as you breathe out. Press the palms together and then really today, activate. Press the arms against your legs and squeeze the
legs against your arms and if you’re having to
bring the hands to the ground for stability here,
power to you. Find the modification,
be mindful and focus on the
sound of your breath here in the last
moments of our practice. Get your center down
low and feel the heat, the warmth that you’ve created. And press into the
outer edges of the feet, take a deep breath in, and a long breath out. Awesome work. Slow and steady, keep pressing into the
outer edges of the feet as you bring your hands forward. And you’re gonna walk the
toes together, knees together and we’re come
into that low squat, just like we did at the
beginning of our practice. Now, you can stay
here in the nice low squat. Send your gaze forward,
find a length in the neck. We can stay here,
squeezing the legs together, fingertips on the earth, concentrating on the
sound of your breath. Another option would be
to bring the palms together, send the knees forward,
create length in the quadriceps. Lift your hip creases up towards
the sky just intentionally, don’t literally and come into a little toe
stand here, breathing deep. Breathing deep. And then you can stay here or we can open the knees wide. Bring some energy up
from the base of the spine, send the fingertips forward,
keep the shoulders relaxed. Lift up from your center
and bring the knees up towards the
armpit chest, gaze forward as you maybe
rock forward and back. Crow Pose, forward and back and maybe it’s a
lift off and maybe not. So we have lots of
options here, breathing deep. Whatever option you’ve chosen, listen to the
sound of your breath. Lift the corners of your mouth and then after a
little bit of playtime, we’re gonna come to a
nice seat, just cross-legged so take your time, you can work a couple
more breaths here and there then we’ll come to a nice seat. Just allowing the
spine to go neutral, the shoulders to relax and the body to cool down. Maybe flip your palms face up. Take a deep breath in and long breath out. Another deep breath in and a long breath out then one more. Sit up nice and tall, bring the hands together and we’re gonna bring the thumbs
right up to the third eye. Take a moment here to just
tap into a little gratitude, appreciate your body. Just kind of admire
and appreciate yourself and this time
you’ve taken for yourself. It’s so valuable, so important. I wish you the best. Focus on the
things that serve you. You got this, whatever
task is at hand, you got it. Maybe quietly
whisper to yourself, I got this. Tuck the chin slightly, feel that length in the
back of the neck, inhale in and exhale, take
everything all the way down, we bow forward. Namaste (upbeat music)

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