Yoga For Work Stress And Anxiety – Feel More In Control Now

welcome to yoga this class is dedicated to you if you suffer from work-related stress or anxiety now as we all know stress and anxiety are things that we can’t avoid but it’s really good to have tools in your pocket that you can use if you need to overcome the stress and anxiety from work things like releasing shoulder tension or releasing tension in your hips because this is where we often keep most of our tension you can see people walk down the street and it literally looks like they’re carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders they’re stooped forward and totally affects their posture that walking where this stiffly and you can just see it they embody stress and anxiety so what we’re going to do is we’re going to focus on loosening up shoulders loosening up our hips and really bring our awareness to our breath and center ourselves and have a really good mindful practice and hopefully you will complete the session feeling like a new person okay so getting yourself comfortable sitting in sukhasana or any easy pose for you it doesn’t have to be the same as me sitting with your legs straight or leaning up against the wall to begin with and I would like you to just rest your fingertips beside you roll your shoulders and keep them down away from your ears and then you’re going to take your ear to your shoulder and enjoy that stretch so you’re feeling it all the way down here and you might want to kind of move into the tension so easing forward and back respect to your body all the time maybe stretching it so just moving and feeling you noticing what feels good and then I’m going to take my hand behind me you can probably see in the reflection behind and I’ve taken hold my wrist and I’m using my wrist away from me keeping going as well as it and it feels good lovely slowly quite about cuz that’s a deep neck stretch and then taking the hand behind you and taking it between usual this is a good pose but still unraveling that stupid good race fingers it stretched again we’ll do the same on the other side so ear to shoulder keep that arm long and strong and hang a little rock back and forward and then take the hand behind you be taking a hold of your waist and the easing your wrist away and again just stretch breathe in breathe out and then take your arm all the way up lengthen it up out of your shoulder and take your hand behind you lovely release off interlace your fingers push your palms away and round your back Oh pulling it up the back and then you take your hands behind you interlace your fingers once again and stretch and then open the front now this one is a really good move if you tend to work a computer desk on computer and it kind of stops that stoop that we get so really work on me lifting the arms opening the chest hold it breathing through the stretch because it might feel a little bit uncomfortable and then drop your hand behind you and then we can go into a twist rotating the slide keeping the spine mobile and healthy breathe in lengthen breathe out twist take one or two that would you stand on the other side and it’s down breathe in lengthen through that your return back to the sector so we’re going to get ourselves moving coming on tours I like to roll those well that you might like to come into all fours and no better way for you and this is the perfect way to release tension in your back it’s like giving your back it’s only the massage routine broadening across your stiff shoulders and then you are inhaling and the lifting and letting your body relax now it’s really important to focus on your breath through this practice as a steady breath and a focused breath will get you through lots of stressful situations moving out we have an I really like to close my eyes in cat cow pose because it’s like a moving meditation and it really helps you focus on what’s going on in your body and the ester that was going on in your mind trying to turn down the volume of those chatty monkeys and then start to you know when you’ve started to move you might discover that your lower back is stiff so you might want to just start moving listening to your body and moving accordingly round and round or bringing your shoulder to here you know it’s your practice essentially so moving away that feels good for you and you notice that this lovely circular motion are making my hips yes you know I’ve having a pop in my hips so it’s releasing something and that feels really good so don’t be afraid with your hips pop a little bit so keeping your hips above your knees and you’re going to take your arms out and extend it puppy pose and ideally you want to keep your legs at 90 degrees or you want this 90 degrees here and then you’re dropping the chest and this is a great way of stretching your back but also a lovely way of calming your mind and releasing tension in your shoulders because you can see my shoulders are opening at the front and take a few deep breaths here ribs expanding we’re just collecting walk your hands back in back to all fours then we curl our toes and bring our bottoms up down dog would not stay too long because you’re going to walk your feet to your hands and your hands to your feet and then pull your tummy in and slowly roll up rolling your shoulders at the top and bringing yourself into Tadasana and coming to the front of your mat so standing at the front of your mat going to loosen up is essentially to begin with in a stirring that will start gaem so standing in Mountain Pose root down through your feet feeling nice and strong like no one can touch you here so for your belly and pelvic floor drawing up lengthen your spine and relax your shoulders and also soften the muscles of your face because we keep so much tension in our face I know I do so just make sure that little brow is soft your jaw is slightly hanging and you’re looking ahead your gaze is soft and take a deep breath in through the nose out through the nose ok breathing in reach up looking up a lovely little backbend stretching the front of your body and then diving down chest bursts opening up and taking your hands down to the floor doesn’t matter if you got to the floor he a bit right enjoying that we used in your spine and there and then take your right leg back and take it all the way back to map and this is where we came into our first nice hip release so I’d like you to have a little rock just notice how you hips feel I’m looking forward and back and then stepping back it’s bringing your hands soaring your body strong don’t bring your knees lifting your bottom and dropping your chests in the through and come up to upward or not this may be here just making sure that the shoulder blades are gliding down the back of your body as if they’re just going to go into the back pockets or depending on how your back is always making sure that you’re listening to your warning chime in your heart forward good car you toes he lifts back to down dog okay so just settle it down dog your gangster your Drishti it’s actually your tummy about when they’re down dog which kind of changes the feel of the posture completely look to your hands and set your right slips through between your hands and shine forward again keep the back leg strong bring your feet together good nice big breath come up and then push Wayne aspect in your arms as strong when we go again left side inhale left leg comes back Rock soft children’s showing forward crown of the head reaching close dyed color toes in it step through eat meat take a breath in come up bring your hands back to namaste mudra and hold it good take a breath in come up reach up looking up to infinity and then sitting down into a bucket asana tuck your tailbone under here hold it good taking your hands behind you interlace our fingers lifting our hearts reversing like stoop and then folding and letting our arms dangle down opening our chest breathing in deeply breathing out completely release and come all the way back up sink back down lovely right leg comes up step back warrior one looking up again to infinity soft shoulders were strong and then curl your back toe under and sink down a little bit more feel that wonderful hip flexor stretch take it a little deeper really soft hands down jump in the back knee and in fact you can take this deeper by lifting the back knee taking it another inch away and when you get into these deep stretches your muscles tighten so just send your breath to those muscles and they will soften I promise so you can come down as deep as you want into this taking a few steady births be patient and then walking back up how do you decide once again get your balance as we take a deeper lunge it’s a nice cross that stretch from this finger all the way back to the toe well then release off now moving into pigeon heel toe your foot to the side of the mat and then dropping the leg okay so you want to have really hit central and this is a really good example is when the muscles kind of tighten around a deep stretch so just give yourself a moment just soften feel the body soften and respond well to your stretch good and then I’d like you to come forward arrest and stay with it and your body will be telling you to give up it will be telling you to come out and rest but you are resilient and you can stay in this posture and kind of train your mind to put up with something that’s unpleasant and this is where yoga is brilliant when you take it off the mat coming out and you have to do it really slowly so curl your toe slowly stretching that feels good okay I’d like you to walk your feet your hands that are going to take it easy feet hip distance bend your knees come back in shadows good again show race squeeze shoulder blades together fold and straighten your legs shake little deeper imagine I’m coming around and I’m taking you all of your arms and I’m just dropping them a little bit down to the floor really soft bend your knees come all the way back up and this time going to bring your left knee up to my knowledge take your hands down dropping down drop that back knee lift it take it an inch further away and then take your hands to the inside and you can come down as deep as your body wants to go and rest yes walking back up now this is Louie deep one nice Crescent stretch get your hips ready and then you bring your arms up amazing so furthermore each good wheeze moving into pigeon so he’ll toe that foot to the side of your mat coming in gently remember to keep this foot flexed to protect your knee because this is all about the hips the knees aren’t in this nice hip stretch come to the center and you want to settle back leg is strong straight so you’ve got nice little lines lift your heart and then when you’re ready to surrender really focus on your breathing to get you through this stretch don’t hold on well then you’ve done it let’s see where we come out groaning it’s love that sensation okay from here just rocking forward dropping your knees sitting back on your heels and coming to sit on your bottom I’d like you to come in the girl cross legs if you can but again a straight leg saw sitting up with a block underneath your hips might be what’s good for you but we’re going to come into Eagle arms because nothing releases tension more in your shoulders and this beautiful stretch going to give you two options first option for arms together second is bending but having your arm extended crossing your right arm on top and bringing the power together it’s not always possible especially if your feelings to potentially you’re quite stiff in your shoulders this is something to work towards so from here in your arms you’re going to breathe in and breathe out draw down into your chest breathe in lift and without ruin table quite annoyed with you unravel let’s do the same on the other side right on cross left arm palms together you might have one side that’s a little bit more stiff than the other but that’s perfectly normal we oh well then relaxed good should loosen up pretension okay we’ll come into baddha konasana next and this is a lovely seated position the totally counter pose is sitting in a chair all day long so you’re like this all day just let your knees flop open they’re like there’s little magnets and they’re drawing to the floor take hold of your ankles and drop down now this is a really good posture for relieving stress for calming your mind according to ancient yoga tradition that close all diseases as well so tilting your pole listen to the center space and driving those knees and me lifting better than us now one of my favorites relax your shoulders to your ears and you know what you can’t even have a stretch like we did at the beginning here just moving you see noticing you’ve got a little bit more movement now either less hunched again just have a little roll come back to the center come back into nice easy cross-legged pose there’s your class for work-related stress and anxiety namaste

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  1. I hope you enjoy this yoga class for work stress and anxiety but most of all I really hope it helps you overcome any stress or anxiety that you may have. Please let me know, here in the comments below, how it makes you feel and if it helps you, namaste 🙏🏻🌸💕

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