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– Hi, everyone,
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene, Benji’s down here, and today we have a
practice called yoga joy. Hop into something comfy,
and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright, pals,
let’s begin standing today at the top of the mat. Bring the feet hip-width apart,
draw your hands together, Prayer Position,
and let’s do this thing. Let’s dig into the heels,
spread awareness through all four
corners of the feet. Draw your navel in slightly
as you stand up nice and tall. And let’s take a deep breath in. Exhale, relax your shoulders. Inhale in deeply. Exhale completely. And one more,
remember what today’s practice is all about, finding the joy. Big inhale. And long exhale. Moving with the breath, inhale, spread the fingertips wide,
reach up towards the sky. Exhale, bend
your knees generously, reach down towards your toes,
Forward Fold. Inhale, life up halfway, find
that nice flat back position. Exhale, Forward Fold. All the way back up, big
inhale, reach for the sky. Spread your fingertips, smile. Exhale, hands to heart. Inhale, reach for the sky.
Big breath, big stretch. Exhale, moving with your breath all the way down, Forward Fold. Inhale, lift up halfway,
make sure the neck is nice and long here, not
crunched or collapsed. Exhale, release. Bend the knees, plant the palms, step just your right foot back. Try to keep your
right knee lifted here. Inhale, get light on the
fingertips, look forward. Big stretch, so big,
deep breaths here. Exhale, plant the palms, step the left toes back,
Plank Pose. Inhale in here, exhale,
step your right foot up. Try to keep the
back knee lifted. Here, Benji. Gaze forward,
heart opens forward. Big stretch here so big breath. Good, on an exhale, step the
back foot up to meet the front. Back in the Forward Fold, shake the head loose
here for a couple breaths. If you wanna clasp opposite
elbow with opposite hand, maybe find a gentle
rock back and forth. Find what feels good. Continue to gently
deepen your breath. Good, as you’re ready,
release the arms. On your next inhale,
lift up halfway. Remember, long neck here, tug the shoulders
away from the ears, squeeze the elbows
into your side body then exhale, down you go,
Forward Fold. Catch a wave here,
spread the fingertips, root through the feet, inhale,
reach for the sky. And exhale, we’re gonna
go all the way back down, raining it down. Inhale lifts you up halfway,
moving with the breath. Exhale to soften and bow. Fingertips come to the mat, we’ll step just
the right toes back. Again, keep the
right knee lifted. Inhale, get light
on the fingertips. Maybe this time
they come up just a bit as you breathe in and
then exhale, plant the palms. Step the left toes back,
Plank Pose, nice wide base in the
hands here, strong and steady. Lift your front body,
so your belly, your low ribs, up
to meet your back body. Find that hollow body here. Inhale in, exhale,
step the right foot up. Keep the back knee lifted. Inhale, rise up, maybe
fingertips come off the ground, if not, it’s okay. And then slowly release. Rock the back foot
up to meet the front, back to the Forward Fold. Here we go, inhale,
halfway lift, your version, find length in the spine. Exhale to soften and fold. Inhale, reach for the skies. Spread the fingertips,
find a big beach ball up and overhead, so nice wide
stance, palms facing forward, excuse me, palms
facing each other. Pinkies forward, thumbs back. Good, inhale in here,
lift your chest, maybe lift your chin
and look up towards the sky. And then exhale, down we go,
moving with the breath. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, soften and bow. Listen carefully, this time,
bend your knees, plant your palms,
step your right foot back then your left foot back,
come to Plank Pose. On your inhale,
extend the crown forward. On your exhale,
reach the heels back. Find that hollow
body here once again. Inhale in. Exhale, stay here or you can come to Half
Plank here at the knees. We wanna maintain
this nice awareness from the crown to the tail,
shoulder blades drawing together and down the back body, heart
and chest opening forward, for three, two, here we go, slowly lower all the
way to the belly on the one. Hi, Benji. Press into the tops of the feet, press your pubic
bone into the earth. Squeeze your
elbows into the side body, inhale, lift up, Baby Cobra. Exhale to soften and bow. Curl the toes under, inhale in. Exhale, press up, Plank Pose
or Half Plank, beautiful. Inhale in again.
Exhale to Downward Facing Dog. Index fingers are pointing
forward, biceps by the ears. Find some soft, easy movement
here that feels awesome. (sighs) And then on your next inhale, lift the right leg up high,
Three-Legged Dog. Exhale, straight through center,
knee to nose, rounding up through the spine. Inhale, kick it up. Exhale, shift it
forward knee to nose. Inhale, kick it up. Exhale, last time, knee to nose. Try to touch your right
heel to your right glute. Squeeze and lift,
squeeze and lift, and then step your
right foot all the way up. Pivot on the back
foot and as you’re ready, hands are gonna come to the
waistline as we rise up strong. Front knee bends,
back toes are turned in. Warrior I, inhale, sweep
the arms up towards the sky. Try to find the joy here, so
the attitude you bring to it. Press into the outer
edge of your left foot, pull the right hip crease back,
draw your navel in and up. Inhale, lift the chest,
lift the chin, maybe you look up and back. Exhale, Warrior II,
nice wide stance here as you open up to your left. Pull the pinkies back. Make sure you’re not shifting
forward here in the spine. See if you can stack the spine,
just do your best, working, working, working. Good, inhale, Peaceful Warrior. Keep the front knee bent,
strengthening that front leg as you reach the right
fingertips up and back. Big breath in here, inhale. Exhale, Extended Side Angle, right elbow to the
top of the right thigh or right fingertips to the earth as you send the left fingertips
either up towards the sky or all the way up and toward
the front edge of your mat. Inhale in, lean back,
spiral your heart up. Exhale, dial it down,
moving into a twist. Left hand to the earth,
right hand to the sky. Big breath, feel free to
lower your back knee here if you need to. Inhale in. Exhale, bring it all the way
back to your nice low lunge. Inhale, get light
on the fingertips. Look forward,
maybe they lift up. Exhale, plant the palms,
step it back, Plank Pose. Inhale though look forward,
shift forward. Squeeze the elbows
into the side body, and exhale, lower
all the way to the belly. Hey, buddy. Inhale, Cobra, smile here,
breathe, breathe, breathe. Exhale to release. Inhale in again as
you curl the toes under. Exhale to press up
to Plank or Half Plank, nice hollow front body. Inhale in again here. And then exhale,
Downward Facing Dog. Couple breaths here, listen
to the sound of your breath. Feel it out,
find what feels good. Get in your body. Should say get
back in your body. Alright, anchor the right heel. When you’re ready, let’s inhale,
lift the left leg up high. Exhale, shift forward, knee
to nose, round it through. Inhale, claw through the
fingertips, kick it back up. Exhale, shift it forward. Inhale, kick it up. Exhale, shift it forward. Pause here, try to
squeeze everything up. Lift your left
heel to your left glute. Squeeze, squeeze,
queeze, squeeze. Upper body’s in Plank, good, and then step it all the way up. Pivot on the back foot. Take your time here,
control your breath. Pull the left hip crease back. Strong foundation
as you rise up. Hands on the waistline. Good, bend your front knee.
Front knee over front ankle. Back toes are turned in. We’re gonna press
actively through the outer edge of that back foot. And when you’re ready,
you reach fingertips up towards the sky, big
beach ball up and overhead. Find the joy, soften the
skin of the face, own it. Inhale in here, maybe
lift the chest, the heart up, chin up, and
maybe gaze up and back. And then exhale,
here we go, Warrior II. Nice, wide stance. Pull the pinkies back, stack
the spine, head over heart, heart over pelvis, you got this. Breathing, breathing, breathing. And here we go. Keep the front knee bent,
if you’re new to the practice, that leg’s gonna get tired,
but stick with it, you got it. Draw it from the pelvic floor. Here we go, left
fingertips reach up and then back, Peaceful Warrior. Stretch, tuck the chin,
lean back. Inhale, exhale,
soften the left elbow, bring it to the
top of the left thigh. Right fingertips reach up or over towards the
front edge of the mat. Always an option to
bring the left fingertips down. Inhale in, spiral your
heart up towards the sky. And exhale, dial it down,
moving into our twist. We pivot on the back foot, we stay present
in that front leg. Right hand to the earth, inhale, peel the left hip crease back to twist up and open to the sky. Left fingertips
reach all the way up, crown of the
head reaching forward, right heel
reaching back, inhale. Exhale, bring
it back to your lunge. Inhale, lift up, get
light on the fingertips, maybe they come up
off the ground, maybe not. Exhale, plant the palms,
step it back. And here we go, moving through
a vinyasa of your choice, so it can be knees, chest, chin, it can be Chaturanga
to Upward Facing Dog, it could be belly to Cobra,
or it can be a Child’s Pose. Find what feels good. We will meet in Downward Facing
Dog whenever you’re ready. Take a couple
cleansing breaths here. And then from
Downward Facing Dog, bend your knees,
inhale to look forward. Exhale, make your way
there in a way that feels good. Right, this time bring the
feet together, really together. Inhale, halfway lift, nice, long spine, flat back. Exhale, fold. Now bend your knees,
send your hips back. Here we go, Chair Pose, reaching the fingertips
forward, up, and back. So thumbs point up and back, pinkies forward,
palms face each other. Don’t worry about
getting your wrists over your shoulders here,
you can work at a diagonal as you build this
posture from the ground up. Breathing deep, inhale in. Exhale, sink a little lower.[
You got this. Inhale in, exhale, sink a
little lower, you got this. Inhale in, exhale, straighten
the legs, stand up tall. Beautiful, hands come
together down at the heart. Pause here, try not to fidget, smile, breathe deep. Observe. Inhale in, lift your
sternum to your thumbs. Exhale, ground down
through the back body, so playing a little
bit with opposition here, lifting through the front,
grounding through the back. As you’re ready,
peel you right heel up, shift your weight
to your left foot. Just pay attention to
what’s going on in the hips. If you’re
collapsing on that left hip, press away from the ground. Find that energetic
lift through the front body, that grounding
through the back body. So lots of options here,
you can do Tree Pose or we’ll inhale,
lift the right knee up, standing one-legged Tadasana,
grab the right ankle, cross it over the
top of the left thigh. As you bend your left knee,
send your hips back. So a little Figure 4 here. Inhale in deeply here. Exhale, maybe take it
into a Forward Fold, fingertips coming to the earth. Another option here is to just
work on Vrksasana, Tree Pose, opening the hip,
finding that external rotation. Both offerings are inviting
us to play with opposition. So use your breath here. If you have an arm balance,
maybe, here in your practice or you want to work towards one, you can bring the
palms to the ground, create a little shelf
with the arms, gaze forward, and work to rock front and back, eventually maybe lifting that
back leg up off the ground. Another option is to come
into a little toe stand here, balancing, maybe one
day bringing one hand to the chest and then the other. If you’re in Tree Pose,
maybe take a variation that you haven’t taken before, maybe arms up and releasing
the fingertips behind the back. Then whatever
variation you’re in, keep the toes,
your right toes bright. Inhale, lift the chest,
come all the way through that standing
one-legged Tadasana, and then let’s slowly release. Inhale in, reset the feet,
bring them together. Exhale to let that go. Second side, just a little play. Have fun, find the joy,
use your breath. Listen to your body, lifting
the left leg up for Tree Pose or grabbing the left ankle,
bending your right knee, sending the hips back,
creating a little shelf for your left ankle
with your right thigh. Hands come together
maybe here to start. We breathe deep, we find something
to focus on out in front, and then lots of
options here to play safely. Fingertips might
come to the ground, you might work
in Vrksasana, Tree Pose, maybe the palms come forward, you play with a little
arm balance or the process. Maybe it’s the toe stand. Elongate your breath,
control your breath. If you are not breathing then you need to take
a step back and reset. Good life advice. (chuckles) If you’re not breathing
then you’re not living. Wherever you are, let’s
take one more deep breath in and use your exhale to
craft your mindful exit out of the posture, coming through to
that one-legged Tadasana and that eventually will
meet back in Mountain Pose. Hands come
together again at the heart if they are not there already. Take a deep breath in
and a long breath out. A deep breath in
and a long breath out. Walk the feet wider
than hip-width apart. Soft bend in the knees,
allow your right hand to release gently at your side, left hand to
release gently at your side. And you didn’t think we were
gonna have a yoga joy practice without some
Knocking on Heaven’s Door. So here we go,
soft bend in the knees. You’re just gonna start to
let your arms just be heavy and relaxed, and
you’re gonna sway them a little side to side. Sync up with your breath
in a way that feels good. Feel your feet
grounded on Mama Earth. Keep a slight bend in
your knees to protect them and let’s see what happens here
if we start to lift the heart. Create a little
softness in the neck. If you feel like a goofball,
perfect, you’re doing it right. And maybe the tempo here
starts to pick up a little bit. Maybe you start to play with
a different kind of Rasa, like maybe you’ve
been doing with this, on your own for
awhile or with me for awhile. Maybe you can find a softness or something new here,
find the joy. We’re not gonna be here long,
so keep breathing. 20 more seconds, let it go, let it go, have fun. 10 more seconds,
let it go, breathe deep. If I can do this on YouTube, you can do it
wherever you are! (chuckles) Alright, and then
start to slow it down. And start to come back
to yourself in this moment. Bring the feet together,
really together. Hands come back to the heart. Take a second
here before we close to just notice how you feel. And even if you
don’t feel (blows kisses), perfect, what does it feel like to take
some time out for yourself? To align with body? To kind of chill
out the mental chatter? And feed your spirit,
even if it’s just a little? Let’s take one more
deep breath in together. And we’ll exhale to
bow the head to the heart and whisper Namaste. (upbeat music)

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