Pei Ying Sim – Malaysia: It’s the first time yoga being introduced to me in this program as more than just the asanas. Nobody talks about yoga philosophy and yoga living in the modern “yoga” classes. Lorna Fossick – United Kingdom: Always knew there is more to yoga than what we see at the studio classes and this is the place where you come to find the true yoga. Courtney McCallum – Canada: This course has opened my eyes and blown my mind. Laura Amlin – USA: Yoga is so much more than just the physical practice. Yoga is about yourself internally, the best you can be and putting it out to the world. It’s not about how good you can do the postures. Verbena Bottini – Italy: I really enjoyed the routine. Start the day with the meditation is nice as you can clear your mind and really concentrate on learning. I really learned a lot from meditation and just sitting and taking part in classes in sitting with a lot of pain at first. Kali Giaritta – USA: A lot of thing progressed throughout the course. The biggest thing is the slowing down of the thoughts. I’ve realized after a few days that avoiding pain is the pattern of my personality. This is a huge lesson for me to accept pain as part of life, it is impermanent and it will pass. I can definitely apply it to real life. Ilham Rguig – Belgium: The first week was so hard. After two weeks, I had so much progress in my health. I can’t believe how I feel now. Wow! It’s a miracle! It has been 10 years I’ve suffered. For the first time in my life, I was able to give myself proper time to calm my mind. To purify my body without any outside influences. It makes me realize how important it is to take care of yourself, give some time to yourself and not to be so hard on yourself. Before I came, I thought the philosophy would be interesting. Then we started and that was interesting. After a week or two, you’d really understand. I bought the book of Pantajali Yoga Sutra and this is the book I want to have by my bedside all the time. A lot of these scriptures can be easily brought into our lives and the way we approach the society and the way we approach ourselves. I found this incredibly useful and deep. The amazing thing is it’s relevant to everyone. One sutra is relevant to everyone who has a different life or background. I really like the balance between the practice of asana and other techniques like pranayama – the control of the breath the cleansing technique – kriyas and the study part It’s very easy here because they are the most beautiful teachers in the world Jeenal and Daniel – you can’t see without being here of how much passion they have towards this project that they have created. Conleth Buckley – United Kingdom: Being in the ashram is incredible, the environment is amazing. It’s literally a paradise, a world garden of joy. I found this place very welcoming and warm I love the nature all around this very peaceful place Everything is set up to make you feel calm and comfortable The food is completely taken care of We have a beautiful sattvic vegan diet Wanwipha Wisetchart – Sweden: I cannot understand that vegan food can taste so good! It’s pretty much a vegetarian’s dream. Ahhh… the vegan food! We have well-experienced chefs cooking for you three meals a day Gourmet meals that are made from a lot of ingredients from the garden. There’s so much thought that goes into it. The food is unbelievable, so many options. It’s pure, it’s simple, it’s so easy on your body. You can really feel the changes in your body. You feel energetic and really clean. This allows you to feel your body light for your practice in meditative pose. Daniel Fonseca [Co-founder & Headmaster at Wise Living Yoga Academy] Pi Nong and Pi Nut [Chef / Kitchen staff] Jeenal Mehta [Co-founder & Director at Wise Living Yoga Academy] Jeenal and Daniel give you all their hearts and power deep inside them. Stella Ottaway – Belgium: Their dedication, their commitment and their investment that they made on every one of us are just mind-boggling. I feel like one of their children, which is lovely because I’m 53 I really feel like that because this is a truly safe place. They give me confidence and balance which are important to me. I’m speechless when it comes to the teaching because it has just be so intuitive, revelational, and it’s been amazing There have been a lot that I couldn’t wrap my head around before this. Sometimes you have questions that you can’t really get answer something you want to know and you don’t understand why your life is the way it is I got some answers from here because of the philosophy and also the support from the teachers. I love the people that I encounter at places like this. You always leave this sort of experiences with new friends, the really good, solid friends because you all come here for similar purpose and goal you can’t help but form really good friendships and bonds with these people. We had such amazing group and I felt so priviledged to be with these people. I love it. I love them. Everybody is working on the same self-development that has fostered a very special feeling here where I think everybody is helping each other and really being non-judgemental. The dynamic of the group, the way it evolved over the month is really interesting as well. People that you don’t talk to too much in the first week and suddenly you find this connection. I think the people here… made a lot of difference. Marjoleine Pitsch – Switzerland: We had such a special group with all beautiful people like having a one huge family. It’s hard to leave them. It just gives you hope around these nice people. Because sometimes life can be so busy, everyone is rushing and forget about themselves and don’t really know what they are doing. Now as the program is ending, I’m really sad to leave my friends behind the food, Jeenal and Daniel. At the same time, I’m excited to get back to my life because I feel even more prepared, and more ready to take it on with balance and bhavas (which is the attitudes that we are learning here) so to bring more positive attitudes to everything I do even to things that I traditionally have thought of as “un-nice” and “dislikes”. Christina Yilmaz – Austria: I think it’s very important that we are more aware, more educated and we are using more of our intellect. My mind is quite simple. It works easily on pictures rather than words. So I always struggle with words . I had a picture with big jigsaw puzzle in a box with a picture on the front We opened the box and inside there’s a sealed plastic bag with probably 2000 pieces and it’s not going to be an easy one. We sort out the four corners and we find the edges Then we felt putting the blue for the sky, green for the mountains I’ve always had this image that this course is giving me the four corners, the edges and the rest, a little bit here and there. But it’s definitely just the beginning of this puzzle. There’s a lot to take home but I’m sure those pieces that I’ve tried and go “eghhh…” where does it go They are going to move to form its place and that has been the beauty of this place. I’m absolutely sure100% that we’ve been given every piece. It’s the discovery of my inner mind. It will live and move in your heart and your soul and you will carry it with you, a lifetime experience with many deep moments. What I really take out of here is how important it is to take care of yourself and just be kind to yourself. I had some health problem. I just want to have a great time with great people. I felt like homecoming I felt like something special. It’s inspiring to see how other people live life so meaningfully It makes me want to do more. I find this place so right, where you belong. There’re people who want to try to make this world a better place – it’s inspiring. I’m glad to be here and for sure I’ll come back again. I say “Wow! I win! I win this part! For me, this’s so important…
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