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welcome to Telugu yoga and we’re here today in Belo grammarian in the Peak District Dodger the home of cyclists now your class today is dedicated to you if you love cycling it’s going to improve your stamina increase your strength and increase your flexibility as well everything to improve your cycling experience and if you injured to improve your recovery time so if you like what you see please like and subscribe to tapioca okay let’s get going I’d like you to start sitting down this last section is for shoulder and neck release now if you just beat out on a long ride you’ll be feeling probably quite stiff in the neck and shoulders and so I’m lucky to sit down cross legs if that’s comfortable you know if that’s not comfortable then have your legs out and whatever should be you using props and cushions to support unity meeting they’re sitting down but still thinking about your posture so you’re rooting down through your hips reaching up shoulder roll just loosen off any tension that you might have built up and then take a roll backwards and forwards until you feel like you can you know some of your shoulders nicely down and away from your ears take a look over your shoulder and come back to the center and shoulder contact instead turn do that one more time which way just releasing stiffness come back to the center and drop your chin very middle shape and then bring your chin up reach the chin up to the sky [Music] still thinking about sitting nice and tall to your bellies pulled in enough event pelvic floors lifted a little bit so you’ve got a nice hit of height and I want you to reach your arms out and this is a yoga pose called Eagle which can be quite tricky depending on your kind of biceps triceps chest but I’d like you to do your best to cross at the elbows and then bring your palms together now but just not happening there when your forearms together especially Pam you’re going to breathe in and lift your elbows and then breathe out and drop your elbows into your chest to breathe in inhaling and exhaling and this is creating a wonderful movement in the back of my shoulders my shoulder blades and then I didn’t up and down the back of my body we’re using stiffness of tension and increasing mobility in my shoulders and I’m gonna take one more [Music] you can add their shoulder height again for us together if necessary and work them and without twist in Haiti Mouton makes an interest come back to the center switch your arms the other way together especially can undo breakfast they’re really high and workout you gotta get set in here twice little trip it was really good on your shoulders [Music] and one more time juice and drop down elbows in line with the shoulders until you twist between your nice type of spinal rotation keeping your spine healthy at all times roll out roll your shoulders and everything take my arm up and bring it down between my shoulder blades this starts going to come all the way around and I’m going to see if I can meet my fingers Dickens what I’m doing here and what I’m doing it’s opening up the front of my body so that’s what we really need to do we need to stop this do that we create the around on the ride and really open up drawing this elbow back and breathe deeply into these wrists stretching the front body getting good posture okay unravel might move a little bit if we look in the middle air and then this song comes all the way round down between the shoulder blades other arm comes all the way around to meet it and lift your chest once again again within that shoulder shoulder it’s an elbow bringing it home pointed back good release it off and have a little below again in tonight’s just release off with a nice final stretch behind you interlace you lift your chest wonderful so that’s your neck and shoulder release okay we’re going to come onto all fours all fours really important to have a firm foundation so hands under your shoulders knees under your hips let’s just check your posture correct and then round your back tuck your tail under and stretch your lower back and then you breathe in and look up stretching is by and that’s very nice so open to the front of the body read out and round moving down the body to spine shoulders Internet but especially playing a little bit movement in your lower back [Music] and then come back to neutral spine and from here you have to thread your arm underneath and reach up and you know when you start this it feels really sick and clunky but also pay you soon loosen up reach up get your nice twist getting a healthy spine why we chose me and stretch in chess [Music] and a final one we challenge [Music] I mean your self forward open your fingers forward and stretching forward and puppy-dog forehead touches the mat lift your hips and again this is a wonderful way of opening through the front body and I’m really focusing to breathe through my back ribs in sideways and then walk back easy easy stretching the hips back to the heels when you look close together and then the fingertips come down pointing down to the spine we have one remote little bit deeper settle into this [Music] all the way and again take a look hands in front so the toes under and lift one two tiptoes and then drop your hands as you bring yourself in a forward fold down fall down wake up cards [Music] and they roll up slowly just come from punk rock concerts five really slow looking after yourself as you come up to sounding and then take another little roll and then come to standing in Tadasana okay stood a snap is a mountain pose good posture and you have your feet hip distance apart and I’d like you think of instructive take your hands behind your head interlace your fingers and draw your elbows back a little bit lifting your chest to the sky a little little back bend reaching up if you can see I put a nice arch in the back and then release up roll your shoulders from here you’re going to bring your knee in join me in and circle your ankle your knees might have been static now you know keep it out of the road around the mountain bike completely respect position for a long time look after your feet and ankles just as important as your hips and shoulders and then take your foot behind you in mind and then I’d like you to keep that to a plan tell me pull them nice and strong [Music] lucky person timing so this is bragging a little bit of corn popping forward [Music] ha I’m not slightly something you’re the last one and you bring your hands your heart just hold it here in warrior 3 bleaching back part of your balance and get a good balance by engaging your core and slowly bringing yourself back to the dustman now going to do the same on the other side let me pull this pelvic floor lifted nice to relax shoulders let’s rock on the ankles and circle psychopaths rains [Music] you’re the meditators put behind you meet in line put squeeze to your bottom hold it there lift your chest [Music] please [Music] we have to really focus and you know in these parents is it doesn’t matter if you wobble what will it just makes you stronger you’ll improve your habits over time and this time you’re going to take it start it hands to your heart reach reach reach reach back to detest them come to the front rack and all we’re going to do here is take nicely lunchbox reaching your arms up Richard nice and tall [Music] take your hand down for your and then take credit cards behind you in today’s squeeze central chest [Music] threw your arms up again and then curl the back toe under so you’re in high lunge and hold it here stretching the hip flexor as you come down reach up and then you’re going to just pull up up and down and what we’re doing here is strengthening the muscles to support the need and the thighs to increase your power keep going four three two one release up and then slowly bring your feet back to the front of your mat good step back other leg so it’s warrior light and bring your arms up take your hand back give a little bit of balance here and other side and put your hands behind you interlace and lift your chest cavity under and occasional and strengthening the knees and the thighs whether your knee hip flexor opening up this Crescent that you’re creating is a perfect counter pose for you on a bike or [Music] returning back to and they take another nice big broccoli and reach up fold forward bring your hands to the floor stretching your lower back nothing like it and then stepping back to downward-facing dog natal drop stretches the whole body so sink into it settle into it maybe a little tip toe roll and then and then I love this little move but so powerful rock your big toe round your heel and then you’re gonna ease your heel to the floor even your own adjuster stretching out your car’s the top side so you cock your toe and your next time around your heel and be quick distance and they’re taking your right hand to the outside of your left leg using under your right your left arm breathing deeply returning twisty little a returning again back together facing dog this time you gonna take your leg up high reach that high Anjali and then swoosh your knee to [Music] glues your me to your opposite wrist and that’s back up so my right knee is coming to my left wrist right wrist and then back up just great thing they’ll pick up strength stamina putting my heart when he going swoosh a backup final swoosh back up and then the magic question for your hips pigeon right knee to the right wrist as your chest settle in the hips skipping child don’t rush because you want [Music] you go to look at your backpack [Music] laughs Oh little sway down be easy on yourself but allow those hips to open Nikki Blackwell – and then walk yourself back up and your transition for mr. Graham job needs to be really slow because it’s a super deep stretch so call you back – under handling and then you are back and down dog with one leg feels mighty much longer than the other and you’re going to take your left leg up reached up I push that right heel down and your knee and take that swoosh I’ll take the swoosh I’m gonna do three more in your own time Oh [Music] and this is your last one really then where do you get that leg reaching up high it is fabulous solution I mean it and then bend your knee that do pigeon and the brilliant thing about pigeon is with stretch and equal aid or each time so your bodies maintain balanced stretch say happy boy left and then you go take a look over your shoulder [Music] stick it out bro then be soft with your body in an honest way without fixed up and gently send your back with your hands [Music] [Music] reading the trusted guys and then dropping to the knees and easing hips to heels then you turn into that nice chest opener bringing the bigger tips but they’re on the shoulder blades coming all the way up stacking the spine and back and then come to sitting on your bottom and then come into wide legs because what you’ll find do you notice that that anyone is that your legs are always moving on a statute of Maine and you lose the chance to stretch and open your legs so it’s really good to keep the balance within your hips to open your legs as well as strengthening them so you’re going to keep those tip of the family basically option might be to get that sheep in town and you know it doesn’t matter it it stretches whether you hear or whether your flat to the ground the intention is to feel the strange and to get your legs moving in a different way what you don’t want to do is sleep folding from the waist because that’s not doing anything to your hips at all so you want to be tilting from your hips and just ease into it gently if you patient with your body you’ll get deeper faster so use your breath out [Music] until you really feel this stretch keeping your toes pointing to the ceiling keeping the legs active and strong all the way [Music] bring yourself back in and bring your knees in formidable hug [Music] and then I’d like you to stretch your legs out in front of you again fleshy part of a bottom out the way you’re going to draw your end and cross the leg over so it’s fitting tall and with your opposite hand tweeze that lead into your body rhythm post keeping your spine [Music] you’re just getting a nice different move in your hip joints as a good retention in your back crossover at all [Music] come back to the center final produce happy trading place also called wind release toast but you know practices can cut anything probably on your way and we’re going down on you back it’s brilliant for hip opening there’s nothing like it you’re gonna draw me in and another take home your big toes or your feet and you’re gonna draw your knees under your armpits and have a little rock from side to side so there’s no dignity in it absolutely none but it really opens your hips it starts with your glutes and your hamstrings and actually obviously like a baby it’s really soothing [Music] thank you there’s your yoga float for suckers I hope you enjoyed your class today if you like what you see come back and see me on the mast another time [Music] [Music]

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  1. 2 Million of you love to get on your bike and go cycling, at least once a week, so I've designed this Yoga Training For Cyclists class especially to work your whole body, improving your balance, strengthening your muscles, improving your flexibility and increasing your stamina so you can ride more often without discomfort, injury and for longer. So just for 25 minutes, a couple of times a week, get off your bike and treat your body to this wonderful conditioning workout and you'll enjoy your cycling all the more. 🚴🏻‍♀️🙏🏻

  2. Great video. At the start when your sat down is it ok to prop your bottom up on a cushion as after I cycle ride I can get a sore bum

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