So, before we start doing our main training what difference do you see between this dummy and this one wearing a red t-shirt and how do you think, will I fall just like him? -We can compare actually now I will throw the dummy one time it is thrown in this way… yea and then pick it up by yourself – can I try it?.. Just throw it through yourself I put my hip right next to it so it flies over me – As I understand you sit down a little bit Yeah, just to knock it out So, it stands right here.. and you throw it – and you see, I am standing vertically so that… Place your leg right here. Yeah, just to knock it out you should turn around… and go ahead – where do you put your hip? This way? No, no the hip goes another way while your shoulder should remain stable your hand should be here not here near the neck but here, because the lever effect will be stronger Now we move on to the dummy #2 he is in red t-shirt too as you may noticed – No but, I just… I understand.. – I need to be healthy Don’t worry, nothing happens, the floor is soft enough I just gently do the body check on you See? and you were scared not painful – shit… The same thing but in opposite direction stand here… and – oh… shit… like a baulk – I just to don’t understand this training is like… one way street Try it, try it. I’m not against that so let’s do that here.. here and throw this way You should throw me! – I am just afraid that you No, it’s okay. Don’t worry You see, you can do it like Wait wait So I grab your hand, right? my leg is here The second one is next to it while here I grab you like You take my hand like this just grab the hand this way – Okay now wait Here. Right here Yes yes I go like your position should be here This hand is on shoulder pull it and just throw it, make “somersault” You should throw me over yourself and then release. That’s it But one thing is that um… like – It was raw, I threw from the top, right? You did okay, but the thing is say, you throw me and go along don’t go there yourself just stop where you are That’s it – Okay, i got it – I just go along with you Yeah, go along but dont go there yourself Make me fall on my own -Listen, I just liked the exercise when you did the cartwheel with guys I understand that I can’t do it but.. when you hold each other I hold your legs and you hold mine and we do the somersault yeah, we can actually do it with you Hold my legs I take yours I go forward and you get up I think to make this video amazing I should make a suplex one time on you I’m going to take my phone – are you ready? what is a suplex? Just relax, that’s the main thing I’ll do everything on my own, don’t worry You worried about… that one So, the suplex – just show me how works I lift you and throw over myself shit… let’s do it in the gymnastics hall that’s all the same, no difference you will be suprised now, because there is nothing to it just be free, and that’s it do not worry, relax man, shoot it guys is it okay? – yes, now wait I’m like a beam Can you throw the girl like that? nah, man it’s good I just was gentle Thank you yeah, it’s soft Okay do it again now almost, you just didn’t put your hip there, you know? do it again, you Look, I take you, there’s space between us I put my leg right here put the second one right next to it and you fly over my hip and my shoulder I should just knock you out then There is another body-check the same thing, but from here get it? – your goal is to make me fall on my back So, when is it counted if I fall like that, for example is it counted or not? Is there any rule, that I should fall with 4 or 3 spots on the ground Look, it should be like… 90 degrees If you fall in position of 90 degrees, This is 4 points If you fall on your abdomen, or poistion of less than 90 degrees, this is 2 points because this is not a full body check if you did it, but not in till the end. – So there’s 2,4 and 5 points 5 is for the amplitude If it is well-done and the oponnent just *bams* on the floor that is 5 points – Okay and how much is needed… 8-0. Pure win 2 rounds 3 minutes each and till 8 points right? Yes. Is there anything to do to win instantly? Yes, put your enemy on their scapula/shoulder If I throw you right here you must remain in this position for 3 seconds, you must go Your arm is under my head and sit on my hip This arm is near yourself, over the shoulder – I need to hold you like that, right? Yes, yes. Sit on my hip and pull my head to yourself Okay, okay now show me how can you escape from that? To do it, I go in this way ok, now, look, if I still hold you but you are not on your shoulders (scapula)? is it counted? are the 3 seconds counted? No, I should be on my shoulders 1, 2, 3 This is kinda subjective, bit it is still visible. When a person is released so he can’t move the judge records it – Now hold me in one position and I will try to stand This position is probably the best one – so how to move away from it? you should bend backwards, and then go under me you take me away by bending, and then with your hand go under me because if you will go another way, I will just choke you – Okay, but here I can hold you Yeah, you can but it won’t help you you will be distracted by it and in that moment you will lose the time, get it? – I get it. So hold me Zhan, can you put him down? – let’s leave it till the end Yes, there were some cases like that actually. But the positions are different Lie down on your back – Even my wife does not do it that quick There is a grip like that, so in this case it is easier to escape you just bend backwards with your head and then just go under me – In this way? Yes and here I can lay you down right? It can happen you go and regain the points Okay now I show you my signature trick I hold you nah, you are just heavy – of course And this trick is worth 2 points – 2 points? -Yes. Show it again, I will unwind It was okay actually Here. -Okay okay. You roll over Okay, enough cartwheels for today or I will throw up whoever who does not believe me you can come and take a trial lesson from Zhan, a master-class Okay, bye, Lekha – Let’s take a photo maybe? – Yes yes A photo with champions – Thank you, good job

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